FRC Team Information Survey

We are currently undergoing some team reorganization and restructuring and were wondering how other teams structured their team (we realize that there are many different ways and each team is different). We have created a small survey and were hoping to have other teams fill it out and return it to us. The surveys will eventually be summarized (no team identified) and available for review. We hope to get at least responses from 100 teams. (This survey was posted on the reddit/FRC site in late April and have received 36 responses to date).

Thanks for your help on this project.

Link to survey:

Please feel free to pass the survey link to other teams you are in contact with.
Also, to get the widest audience possible, if you know of any other venues I could post this survey to, please let me know.

great comprehensive survey i filled it out and would love to see some of the data once you are finished

Cool. Submitted. I’d like to see some data from this once you have enough responses.

Completed! I third the motion that the response would be interesting. Hope mine helped.

Are you only looking for responses from people currently in high school and on a team, or can alumni answer the questions as well regarding their former team?

A nice idea,

I have submitted a bit about our team. Please let us know if you have any questions. I tried not to fill in too much information in those little boxes. Got hard to keep the information straight, scrolling up and down… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Kpchem - I think I’d like to stick with current students and mentors. If you are mentoring a team, then complete the survey for that team, but not for the team you left. Thanks.


Great survey!

Completed! :slight_smile: Hope you get the results you are looking for with this survey :]

Please provide an a file with all the information you receive for all to evaluate and consider.

Excellent survey and well thought out.

I agree with the others about seeing conclusions/decisions you come to concerning this information.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to fill out the survey. We have had over 100 responses, however, if that could get doubled (200+ teams responding) that would be great!

Does anyone have any ideas about other venues this could get posted? Also, feel free to post the survey link where other teams may see it.

If there is a good response, I would like to get the results up and posted by the end of the summer (that 40+ hrs I work during the week really interferes with my other activities :slight_smile: ).

This is the correct link:

Thanks again for all you input and comments.

SkyBird1, I have posted on our team Twitter, Facebook and my personal LinkedIn. You might want to try and promote through these as well if you have accounts or encourage others to do so.

BTW, the link in your last post does not work.

Looking forward to all the data you receive.

I noticed BotChat (@Robot_Chat) posted a link. Good luck!

I posted the incorrect link in my previous email today, this is the one that works. Thanks for the info about the link. This one should work: