FRC Team Lettering

I am sure this question has been asked before. Our team just back from St. Louis and we are preparing for our end of the year team banquet. What are other teams doing for a FRC “letter” for a students letterman’s jacket. Is there a link with some options to order from.

Any other ideas are welcome. Thanks for always being a great resource.

Hi Bluejackets,
I hope you enjoyed your experience at Champs. Back in 2012, MN wanted to come up with patch to signify FRC that could be applied to a letter jacket. Designs were submitted and voted on. Here is the winner. I’ll PM you the specifics on ordering them.
Back in 2010 KnightKrawler designed a patch for students to put on their letter jackets and we have been using it ever since.
Let me know if you have any questions,

My team used a standard Letter from our school and had it modified to say Robotics and then we also made patches to go on the back of the jacket that were the shape of the state we competed in and had the year and awards we won if any, they were occasionally blank. And for champs we did a basic circle because we area also a MO team and didn’t want a back full of large MO states.

here is a pic