FRC Team members at events

Hello guys,
Quick question, we are team Freedom 7231 International team from Dominican republic.
Is there a minimum of students required to be at the event? I know 10 is the minimum for the team, but is there a minimum for been present at the event?



Well, you need two students at the VERY bare minimum, for the driver and operator. I don’t think the number of students present from a team at an event is regulated, though. I would advise bringing a drive team (4 people including the coach most years, but 5 people including the coach last year), a pit crew (any number you want), and a scouting/stands crew (if you have enough people).

I’m wondering where you got the minimum of 10 people per team as well. There’s a team up here in Minnesota that had three students in the 2017 season, and did quite well for themselves.

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the 2016 World Champion Team 330 only had 6 members.

Thanks, the 10 minimum I read at First Site. here
"Build your team

Find and invite at least 10 students who want to be part of a robotics team (the easiest part!). Be sure to emphasize that no technical skills are required, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Recruit all kinds of talents, not just engineering and electronics."

As far as I know, this isn’t a rule, just a piece of advice. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for 10+. It will make your life easier during build season to have that compared to only 3-5.

I know a certain someone who managed to be on a team all by themselves. I’m fairly certain there is no limit at all.

Yes we have more than 10 members in the team, it is just for traveling as we are in Dominican Republic.
Thanks for the help.

Team 6339 came to McMaster last year with less than 10 students. I think the number was 6 or so. It’s really difficult since there’s always lots to do, but manageable Forsure. Also just a reminder to contact the event and make arrangements for batteries, since I believe you can’t take them on flights.

Was this it? This is quite the inspiring story, for anyone who hasn’t read it.

I’ve taken seven kids and three mentors to a regional and made alliance captain. :slight_smile:

Keep the fundraising going to try to maximize your manpower–it is a three-day marathon, to be sure.

There was a guy from Quebec who did it aswell.