FRC Team Mentor and Teacher

Foothill HS in Santa Ana Ca has a well established engineering and manufacturing program consisting of 270 students. As part of the program we have a fully outfitted workshop (CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC routers, 3d print farm, etc) and students with design and build skills. We also have a strong history of competing at the highest level in Vex. We are in the planning process to develop a FRC team and are looking for someone with a strong background in robotics and mechancal design. The prospective candidate would be a full time teacher, teaching design (Solidworks based) and fill a mentor roll on our robotics team. If you are interested, please email me at jcooper at


Don’t tempt me…


Santa Ana… tempting… (I’m only about 1.5 hours away, in current traffic–don’t ask about in normal traffic.)

But I think instead I’ll see if @saikiranra or @Pauline_Tasci has any leads.


Fr tho…

Thanks Eric for getting this on my radar!
@johncooper I don’t know anyone directly but would be happy to post on some of our channels and outlets to see if theres anyone interested. I can copy your blurb in the OP unless theres something different you want shared. Always happy to help support :slight_smile:

For more support in the future we have a non-profit Orange County Robotics Alliance, where we help host events, hope to bring teams together, give resources, and more. ( for more info)

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CNC trifecta? 3D print farm? Jealous!

It is always hard finding someone with an engineering background who has transitioned into teaching. Best of luck! I’ll keep my ears open and pass this on as well.


If it were anywhere near NE Id be seriously interested. If only :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s the suuuuper tiny gap where you can sometimes find someone who is

  • young enough to deal with students (more of a mental thing)
  • old enough to have meaningful engineering experience, but not so old that has become less relevant due to a transition from engineering to management*
  • willing to deal with everything being employed by a school entails (1/3 the pay seems to be a sticking point for the youngins)
  • and, of course, the ability to teach

Every one of these people I’ve encountered happen to be an FRC/Vex/FTC mentor… (even when I met them completely outside of that context)
In SoCal, they seem to get sucked up fast. There is a reason why mentor bacon is a thing.

*a trend I’ve also noticed is engineers who refused to take that step to upper management, and “retired” to an FRC team instead.

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If one sticks with engineering long enough, one is likely to have to do some teaching. In the later half of my 35+ years, I have trained over 15 fresh graduate engineers and technicians. There have even been occasions where I am teaching proper techniques for stripping and crimping wires during the day then repeating those lessons in the evening :slight_smile:

Ever have to teach the EEs which end of the soldering iron to hold?

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never more than once


No but one of schoolmates in high school and university said someone handed him a hot soldering iron so that he could grab the handle in his Grade 8 Electronics class…

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Can confirm. ;(

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Thaks for the reples.
@Pauline_Tasci copying my post works.
@Zook we do have a nice setup for FRC fabricating. This is all part of a school district that set’s computer science, engineering and manufacturing as a priority.

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Wait, you’re getting bacon!?


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