FRC Team Standings - what are QS, RS, and MP?

On a team standings page, like this one for the Pittsburgh Regional we competed in, there are a few columns I don’t fully understand. Does anyone know what these abbreviations stand for?

QS- seems to be to be 2 points for every win, and 1 point for a tie. Is that correct?

RS- ??? got me here, what does this mean?

MP- ??? not sure here either, this one seems to have the most fluctuations between high and low ranked teams

QS is the average score of your opponents (determines the difficulty of your matches, to a certain extent)

MP is your highest score

These are used to break ties in qualification points
QS is more important than MP

QS - Qualifying score: Yes, 2 points per win, 1 point per tie and 0 points per loss.

RS - Ranking Score: If you are on the winning alliance, you get the losing alliance’s score before penalties. If you are on the loosing alliance, you get your score after penalties. It’s the average.

MP - Most Points: It is your highest match score.

Remember… If you get a red card/DQ in a match or if you don’t bring at least one person for a match you do not get any QS points.
The tie breaking procedure goes as follows: QS - RS - MP.

The full explanation is in The 2009 FRC Manual, Section 9 - The Tournament. See pages 3 and 4.