FRC Teams for Bushfire Relief

It might the middle of build season, but I’m hoping you’ll take just a second to step back and pause. When the majority of us were watching the kickoff broadcast, multiple Australian teams were without internet and power as their towns were literally surrounded by fire. Cut off from the rest of the world, grocery stores closed. Instead of watching R2D2 reveal the game, they were literally fighting the fires and fleeing to the beaches.

In the middle of building robots, it’s easy to forget that a part of our community is reeling from the aftermath. While it is currently raining on many of the fires, this has brought another set of challenges as flash floods are causing risk of landslides and the ash leftover from the fires is washing into rivers causing pollution.

So, we sat down and wanted to do something to help. We started an online store, and got other teams to contribute designs. Currently, there are 25 different designs for sale, ranging from 971’s 2016 & 2019 shirts, to a custom sticker from Word Play all Day. Perhaps the coolest item for sale is a shirt from all the FRC teams in Australia that features 16 of their logos.

You can purchase items from the store here. If your team would like to contribute a design, please DM me.

I can’t tell you how much the teams in Australia appreciate the outpouring from the wider FIRST community. Knowing they aren’t alone is infinitely more valuable than the number of dollars raised.


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