FRC Tech Documents Collection & CAD Collection

Spectrum has added a Tech Document Collection to our CAD Collection sheet.

  • FRC Tech Documents Collection

Submit Tech Documents for the collection:

We are collecting links to FRC Tech Documents. Mostly looking for technical binders, engineering notebooks, robot posters, build blogs, tech notes, those sorts of things but any technical documents or judge material you made for your robots are welcome. Spectrum will validate your submission and add it to the collection. There are 80+ Tech Documents links in the collection already but we’d love to have more.

  • FRC CAD Collection

Submit CAD for the collection:

We are also still looking for more public CAD models for past robots as well. There are over 450 CAD links in the collection.

If your team has published robot CAD and it’s not in the collection please submit a link, or even better if it’s not public, publish your CAD and submit the link. It doesn’t matter if the CAD is messy or you have things to fix. Published messy CAD is better for the community than private CAD that no one can learn from.


This might be a mistake on my side but the 973 2015 CAD link takes me to 2471’s 2018 robot CAD instead

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Not just you, it should be fixed now. Sorry about that.


Heads up I think I submitted 2220’s 2020 robot before that was an option on your form so it’s in there as “Other.”

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Fixed, thanks for your submission and letting me know.