FRC Themed Jack-o'-lanterns.

I decided to make some FRC themed jack-o’-lanterns using my computer. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make the STEAMWorks and 4607 ones, and I used a websiteI found to make the 254, 2056, and 2052 ones. I hope you guys like them.

These look awesome, but I would not like the job of carving that FIRST Steamworks pumpkin…

Just CNC the thing!

My 3 year old daughter requested a robot pumpkin. Who was I to say no​:robot::wink:


I thought about carving it in real life, but then I reconsidered the difficulty of it…:stuck_out_tongue:

My thoughts exactly. Only I didn’t have a CNC machine, so I had to carve the old fashioned way with the exception of tracing patterns with a Dremel. :cool:

These FIRST pumpkins are awesome! I noticed the “4” in the 254 logo seems to be traced so as to be cut out completely; is that a mistake by the application, or is it just engraved deeply enough to let the light through?

They are photo-shopped.

Yes, but the 254 logo in the picture would not be possible in real life because the “4” would be cut out. I guess it was a mistake by the software, since the computer isn’t aware of that.

It’s an online application which just changes the colour of an image then pastes it over a picture of a pumpkin lol no smarts included.

I don’t really know much about pumpkin carving or the application itself, but I think you’re correct. Some of the other ones I made also had impossible designs.

A student on my old team(1318) decided to carve our logo into a pumpkin this year.

Why CNC when you can waterjet!

One of our alumni carved our team logo into a pumpkin a few years ago!



This was done on our laser cutter:

This year I decided to make a combination of the logos from Teams 20 and 5254. Thankfully, it was simple enough to make without a laser cutter or water jet :rolleyes:

The 4 in 254 is possible. Just not with conventional pumpkin carving techniques where you cut out the whole shape. If you carve out some but not all of the pumpkin, the light still shines through allowing designs such as these to be made possible.

A great example of that is this death star pumpkin:

We had two pumpkins made. One was steampunk themed, the other was more pear and gears (our team is in Pearland). It didn’t turn out as clear, but the pumpkin that’s being eaten is supposed to be a pear shape with gears, and the mouth/nose of the bigger pumpkin eating it are also supposed to be gear teeth.