FRC Top 25....40 polls open - Future of FUN Shows - Links

Some announcements about the future of FUN content!

Yes we will still working hard for the foreseeable future but with some modifications that we hope will provide great content and feature teams that maybe didn’t get a shot to be featured this season.

First off: We will be doing a Final FRC Top 25…actually 40! Teams must have played in an official Infinite Recharge match to be eligible (yeah yeah yeah but that’s how we are doing). The poll is NOW OPEN through Sunday 9pm eastern and you can vote at

Make your case of who should be in the Top 40 in the comments below


This upcoming week show times will remain unchanged. Shows will shift focus from events to teams. Who was the best, who didn’t we get to see compete and some may have some guests.

Monday March 16th (all times US eastern)
7:00pm Nor’eastern
7:30pm SEweet Team
8:00pm Mouth of the South
8:30pm We the North
9:00pm Best of the West
9:30pm El Microfono Esta Encendido

Tuesday Match 17th (all times US eastern)
7:30pm InFiMidation (30 minute show)
8:00pm FRC Top 25…40 Countdown of the 40 best teams we got to see play in Infinite Recharge

We will also be opening up clips of the year. If you have clips you would like submitted you can do so by Sunday 9pm eastern on the FUN Discord in the #frc-clips-of-the-week channel

After this next week (starting March 23rd)

FRC Mondays:
We will rotate every other week for our recap shows which will change into. Show formats will change a bit and instead will bring on 1-2 teams as teams to talk about their robots and seasons. Regions are already split into which championships teams would funnel into.

Houston Champs Spotlights: Southeast 7:30pm et South 8:00pm et, West 8:30pm ET first week (23th, 6th, 20th) (possibly Mexico)

Detroit Championships Spotlights: Northeast 7:30pm ET, FiM 8:00pm ET, North 8:30pm ET week 2 (30th, 13th, 27th)

Tuesdays: We have a couple things planned but will probably rotate back to our off-season shows.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. We also have 20+ Behind the Bumpers interviews backlogged and will work to get these out.

Tomorrow the FRC Discord will be taking over the FUN stream to play Jackbox. Join them from 9pm-midnight eastern and chill with some pretty awesome people at


cries in litterally almost played a regional


We tried… oh how we tried…

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Polls close at 9pm eastern tonight! We’ve approaching 500 votes already so get yours in!

Literally loaded into Finger Lakes, got inspected, and then got told to leave :((((


Yep same.

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I was there at 7am helping to put the finishing touches on the field so you all could use it. None of us liked having to make that announcement. Especially since we then needed to go tear the field down again :confused:


Polls are closed with 554 voters.

Check region recaps tomorrow (and Tuesday for FiM) for region specific top 10’s (sampled from those voting in the region) and the FRC Top 25 (40 this time) at 8:00pm eastern (moved up 30 min) at and archived at

About to start region recaps. We’ll look at what was, what could have been and some shows have some guest teams coming on to speak!

Also have some giveaways tonight:

Monday March 16th (all times US eastern)
7:00pm Nor’eastern - ADIS16470 IMU from Analog Devices
7:30pm SEweet Team- ADIS16470 IMU from Analog Devices
8:00pm Mouth of the South
8:30pm We the North - AndyMark Goat with special coupon code.
9:00pm Best of the West
9:30pm El Microfono Esta Encendido

SEweet Region starting!

Mouth of the South Starting!

We the North is starting with guests from 5036!

Best of the West is starting!

Thank you everyone who tuned-in last night! Join us tonight for more live shows :slight_smile: !

Join us this evening for the FRC Top 25 (now 40) Suspended season show! Over 550 voters came in to tell us which teams who played stood out. Also The InFiMidation FIRST in Michigan recap prior!

InFiMidation starts at 7:30pm eastern
Giveaway: Blinkin LED Driver & 5V Addressable LED Strip from REV Robotics

FRC Top 25 starts at 8:00pm eastern (moved up 30 min)
Giveaway: 775 Redline Motor from AndyMark:
Pack of Vectored Intake Wheels from The Thirfty Bot

Watch, chat and win live tonight at

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InFiMidation is about to start! Join us at

FRC Top 25 (40 this time) is about to start! Come celebrate these awesome teams together and win some awesome giveaways!

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