FRC Top 25(40) Week 3 Results. Show Link

They did mention 2168 as their “Snub of the Week”, but still.

Anybody who ever thinks they deserve to be ranked fundamentally doesn’t understand what top 25 is. You don’t magically become popular by being consistent and winning a few district events. Sitting around waiting for a group of voters that are regionally aware at best to notice you doesn’t make any sense. I’d be surprised if most people that vote even look at event results.

Being a mentor of one of those teams I totally agree. I think our robot is good this year, but 3707 was just plain better than us in the finals. If we are #9 then they should at least be #8. Unfortunately that is not how FRC Top 25 works. If the rankings were done by a group of experts that watched each event, and crunched the data, then the results would likely be much different. Instead it is based on votes. Votes from people that likely did not watching events, and are instead voting based on popularity.

For example our robots in 2015 and 2017 were not good. We still did well in competition, but they were not Top 25 by any means. Sure our 2017 robot made it to Einstein, but it couldn’t shoot balls like 254. In both of those years we ranked 16th (I believe) going into Champs.

Anyways, in the end I wouldn’t get too upset about the Top 25. Its meant to be fun, drive conversation about FRC, and learn about teams from other regions. It’s not something that people should get upset about when a team gets snubbed, or in our case ranked too high. Just my opinion.

I think that he is implying that Brian’s comment isn’t exactly true as 2791 isn’t a household team number that everyone votes on based on popularity. I would have to agree with him, if I am interpreting his position properly. I think that popularity helps to fill out the rest of the list but robot performance does play a key role.

This is exactly it and I think you nailed what the FRCTop25 is. Popularity will helps because you are positioned to think of that team first (look at FiM) but consistent performance over time will shine through.

Remember 25 is a number that is set because we do not want a 3 hour show. We struggle to get through 25 while still taking time to talk about teams in the time that we do.

FRC6090 T82

FRC4586 T229th Israel: 17th

FRC Top 1000 incoming.

Who’s the 1001st ranked team, if I may ask?

I’m sorry sir but we only answer to specific teams. There were 602 teams voted on the FRCTop25 poll.

FRC1000 is unranked and has not competed since the 2011 season.
FRC1001 is unranked and has not competed since the 2014 season.

My new life goal is to get a Peachtree team voted into either the top 25 or the top 10 for the southern region

We should hand out QR codes at the competition to get every team to actually vote.

I’m so sorry that you have to be subjected to such mediocre burgers.

There also has to be an actually coordinated effort to promote a handful of teams though. Which is half the actual battle.

4910 this coming week for sure…I would think

Where did 4362 end up?

FRC4362 T167

Anything can happen, it is march madness after all.

I would like to see where our team, 4557 ended up on the list. Thanks!


Where did 5442&4143 place?

This was not meant to be a comment on where 2791 ranked. Just a general reminder to everyone about the nature of the rankings.