FRC Top 25 Final Results. Recap Show Link

I don’t actually remember claiming that at all, but if you say so … it was 10 years ago. I don’t even remember what I claimed 10 days ago.

  1. The alliances have already scored 12 gears and there’s no reason for the floor pickup to score more driving averages down.

That’s like the entire argument being given in this thread lol. I suppose if you’re a gear cycler who offers nothing else and want to get picked you should just keep scoring past 4 rotors to help your average :eyeroll:

I guess. But if feeder station bot is averaging more gears a match than floor pick up bot I think that’s pretty telling (as long as both alliances stop at 4 rotors). This may be anecdotal, but I saw a lot of bots this year that had a floor pick up but struggled picking up gears or had trouble placing them on the peg. Some bots that could both feeder and floor pickup were often better off just going to the feeder station. Stats don’t tell everything (which is why good scouting and intuition is important), but if a floor pickup is averaging 2.5 gears a match, I would pick the 4 gear a match feeder bot every day.

Where is 1425 ranked? I’m a little disappointed we weren’t in the top 100, considering we averaged over 6 gears per match at Carver, and multiple 7 gear matches per competition over our last three events.

Don’t be disappointed, this is a popularity contest, nothing more. The votes favor well known teams. This year specifically they also favor shooters as those teams stand out more.

If it’s any consolation my team didn’t make the top 100 either and we were a first round pick at champs and made it to Einstein. :cool:

FRC top25 is fun, and it is always cool to see your team on the list, but not being on the list doesn’t make your team any less of a competitor.

I’m fairly certain no team averaged more than 6 gears a match at either champs.

I could be wrong though.

Unless we’re using the fairly commonly accepted metric of average = (max) + (1 to 3)

1712 scored 8 gears in each and every of our matches at Championship. :cool: :cool:

I mean, we did that. /shame

And 125 scored 2 gears in every one of our matches at CMP, I swear!!!

Based on my post-competition review data we averaged exactly 6.1 +/- .5 gears per match including autonomous.

To be clear, this is all 10 of your quals with no unfavorable matches removed?

A true average of (# of gears scored in all 10 matches) / (10)?

Perhaps a better way to look at this could be using only quartiles 2-4 which would get rid of any matches with amazing defense (1241) or mechanical failure. When we talk about good robots I think it’s important to discard the poor matches since they tend to be flukes. Look at a team like 125, one of the best shooting bots in the world but issues in a few matches made them seem statistically worse than most other top tier teams before champs. Or look at 78 for whom the very same thing happened. Issues at their first event made them seem relatively average from a statistics perspective despite having an incredible robot.

Closer to one :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s all join hands and sing!

I wasn’t sure I believed that data could be correct, so I watched your 6 available CMP quals matches on TBA.

First off, I hadn’t seen you guys play this year. Very nice robot. One of the best gear bots I’ve watched. Also a unique pickup/scoring mechanism. Looks like you drop a roller claw down to intake the gear into your bot and then retract the roller and arms clamp the gear on the sides and rotate it up into scoring position?

That being said, unless you scored 7,8,8,8 in your 4 matches that are not archived on TBA, you did not average 6.1 gears/match (I was even charitable and counted the gear that your pilot dropped after getting it halfway up to the airship as 2 gears, not 1 after you re-scored it).

You averaged 4.8 gears per match in your 6 available matches (peak of 6, low of 3), which is much more in line with what I’d expect a very good gear robot to be doing on average.

Every word true. A robot in the running for being one of the best gear runners that can also put up that kind of KPA? That’s just crazy value. Undoubtedly a primary reason we made it to the championship final.

Where did 4561 end up at?

C’mon, Paul. You remember 2007! Here’s a picture of your robot with 7 tubes hanging on the rack behind it.

Of course, another robot might have helped. :wink:

My goodness, there seems to be a lot of cherry picking of data and stats in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Gear averages exceeding Einstein gear-only bots … just give it some time and we’ll have people reporting 1.15 climbs per match.

Where did team 8 rank, if at all?

Everyone seems to overestimate the “average” number of gears they do. I kept a notepad and wrote down our numbers after every match at champs. I can’t count how many times when strategizing for an upcoming match that people said they averaged 5 or more when my scouting data had them at 3. I feel that we were probably a top tier gear bot and averaged 5.1 in tele +1 in auto. I think anyone averaging 5 or so would be considered top tier and there were a couple on Daly, 340 jumps to mind. Had a match with them where we both hit auto, ran 5 gears each and with 45 or so seconds left just played D. That’s where you may see some people average less than they could actually do, by getting to 4 rotors early not much for a gear bot to do but play D for the rest of the match. There is probably not much differentiation between the gear bots at that level, they are all basically the same.