FRC Top 25 Hacked?

Maybe I’m late to the game but I can’t visit the site without being took to spam sites. Anyone else experiencing this?

Happens to me too.

Yeah, the other day I looked up FRC Top 25 on my phone and Google Chrome informed me that the website maybe “unsafe.” Top25 must have ulterior motives :rolleyes: .

Haha, yeah it is something that is concerning. It should be looked into.

Thank you for pointing this out to us. We were hacked a few weeks ago and though dealings with our hosting service were under the impression that we were cleared. We’ll look into if we were hacked again. Unfortinute if this keeps happening and if so we will look at a new hosting service over the summer.

If you could please post or pm us specifically how/when this happens it would be very helpful.

FYI on the other thread for voting we have posted the specific links to the surveys instead of directing to our website.

Mr. Olds, Any reasons why week 6 rankings aren’t showing up on top25?

We’ll look into it but it is posted on chiefdelphi here

Should be up now, thanks for pointing it out.

We are still continuing to look into the hacking issues with the website. Thanks for everyone’s patience!