FRC Top 25 Houston Champs Results. Show Link

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for FUN Recap and the FRCTop25 for Houston Champs Teams. We had nearly 400 votes overall for the final FRCTop25 and are delighted to show who was at the top of the Houston Champs.

Thank you to our guest: Jared Russell from from the Rules Review Committee along with all of the division analysts for putting in their hard work to give us great breakdowns of divisions.

View the episode here. I will not have time to do edits as I am flying out to Vex Worlds but just jump ahead a couple minutes for the episode to start.

Our next episode with Houston Recaps, St. Louis Previews, and the St. Louis FRCTop25 will be next Monday 4/24 starting at 8:00pm Eastern

Note: We are only releasing the FRCTop25 for Houston Teams. We will not be answering where your team ended up until after the post-champs show.

FRC Top 25 2017 Rankings for Houston Champs Teams
1 118
2 1678
3 971
4 1690
5 987
6 1574
7 330
8 973
9 2122
10 4613
11 16
12 1619
13 3339
14 1538
15 179
16 180
17 604
18 624
19 2230
20 3309
21 1477
22 2231
23 4586
24 2471
25 3238


Thank you for putting this list together.
I am very excited and surprised to see that 2471 and 3238 made the top 25! I’m also amazed that there are 8 teams from Carver on the top 25. I can’t wait to see how this division plays out!

I found the conversation with Jared Russel to be highly enlightening. I’ll be tuning in regularly from now on and keep up the great work! ::safety::

2122 definitely shouldn’t be below 971, let alone by 6 spots. Even if it isn’t as good as 971’s, their shooter is still ridiculously good, and their active gear mechanism in comparison to 971’s passive one is a great improvement. That being said, both bots definitely deserve to be in the top-10 (and they rightly are.)