FRC Top 25 Houston Champs Results. Show Link

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for the FRC Top 25 Houston Champs Edition. We had a record 545 submissions! Next week we will be releasing the FRCTop25 for Detroit. No voting as we will be taking submissions off of this past week. ** Please note that we will not be releasing a complete list or anything past the top 25 for this week.**

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View the FRCTop25 episode here.
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FRC Top 25 (40) Houston Championship Rankings
1 254
2 148
3 118
4 1678
5 1619
6 1323
7 971
8 2471
9 973
10 1577
11 3310
12 16
13 2122
14 179
15 1538
16 330
17 1574
18 987
19 624
20 842
21 2046
22 1690
23 1986
24 3309
25 3339


Hey Tyler,

Could you tell me where these teams rank? Thanks!


At some point, Tyler’s just gonna post a Google Doc link to an excel sheet with the rankings only, with no voting details. It would make these threads a heck of a lot shorter and him have to answer a lot fewer questions.

That’s actually exactly what people want, but I don’t think we’re getting that anytime soon

I’m just glad we made the only list that matters.

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It would also mean that these threads wouldn’t get bumped up from all of the question/answer posts that happen. Less traffic -> less viewership on Top25/other FUN shows.

Maybe post the spreadsheet for the previous week in the thread that announces the next week’s voting. For example in the “Click here to vote for week 4” thread, also post “See all results for week 3 here”. The week n thread doesn’t get much traffic after week n+1.

Plus doing it this way creates a large stream of people trolling which only increases viewership. If they actually did what the people wanted then us memers would need something new to focus on, and I for one am lazy.

Also where did shaker end up? I know they’ve become very well known outside of their area so maybe they got ranked here somehow? :deadhorse:

2791 will probably rank in the Detroit Top 25 list. This one was just for Houston.

I know… This joke goes many layers deep. Maybe I’ll write it up in a whitepaper after champs.



But where did 7081 rank?

How did 2910 and 1425 do?

Please note that we will not be releasing a complete list or anything past the top 25 for this week. ::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm::

Cory please feel free to ask after Detroit, it can never hurt.

This might be more doable for us and we will take this into consideration for the 2019 season. Thank you for your input.

Tyler, can you reveal your ranking of the top 25 BBQ places in Houston? Thanks

You know, I’ve been looking forward to somebody putting out that list. When will it come Houston people?

  1. Killen’s (south suburb - Pearland)
  2. Gatlin’s
  3. Tejas Chocolate Craftory (north east suburb)
  4. Pinkerton’s
  5. Pizzitola’s
  6. Brisket House
  7. Pappa Charlies
  8. Pit Room
  9. Roegels
  10. Jackson Street
  11. Central Texas BBQ (south suburb - pearland)
  12. Goode Company
  13. Pappas
  14. Fainmous
  15. Ray’s

Would love to hear comparison top lists :wink:

Where did 2485 fall?

Hi Tyler,
I think you might have missed this one.