FRC Top 25- Post-Build Ranking

First, I honestly do not know where this thread should go. The previous ranking was moved to the “Games/Trivia” forum, but I don’t believe it belongs there. The “Games/Trivia” forum is a sub-forum of the “Chit-Chat” forum, where “off-topic discussion” occurs. This certainly is not off-topic, yet it belongs to none of the other forums.

Each week, there are top 25 rankings for sports. In the AP Poll, highly qualified sports addicts and writers vote on who they think the top 25 teams are for each sport. This poll is similar, where FIRST addicts vote on who they think the top 25 teams are for the FRC. Voters picked teams based on success shown at competitions in the past, consistency of the team, and robot design and function. This week, seven of the voters submitted complete lists, and the results are based solely on those lists. Some voters have revealed themselves in the thread for the previous ranking. The next ranking will follow the Week 1 Regionals.

  1. 1114
  2. 254
  3. 968
  4. 148
  5. 217
  6. 71
  7. 111
  8. 233
  9. 330
  10. 67
  11. 1024
  12. 25
  13. 987
  14. 16
  15. 2056
  16. 365
  17. 1126
  18. 118
  19. 33
  20. 103
  21. 27
  22. 39
  23. 121
  24. 180
  25. 469

I’m not sure how you can rank without seeing some of these robots, never mind how the game will play out…

I for one think scoring moon rocks will be disadvantageous, and 1114 will be nothing more than a glorified paper weight this season.

I am really glad you can rank teams based solely on videos they have put up. Most of which scored on non-moving trailers.

Take it easy guys, lets not forget this teams have a tradition of being very, very good.
It’s just a pre-competition ranking. If you disagree then you can prove them wrong later in the year.

No offense, but I don’t see any way to “objectively” define this. I mean, you can think that this or that robot is the best, but how can you know? I’m sure you haven’t seen some of these robots yet (my team is one of them). We don’t compete until week 3 either, and I’m sure some other teams on your list fall into a similar situation.

Nevertheless, this is interesting speculation. I feel honored to be on this list ^.^

This list makes no sense to me. Over half the robots on this list have yet to be seen.

I also doubt your testing methodology as 7 people is not large enough for a statistical distribution of opinions, considering that those 7 people probably all know each other and share the opinions.

I would argue that this game is SO different then past years that ranking based on reputation alone is not a valid ranking criteria.

I’d have to disagree. How can scoring points be disadvantageous?

One of the smartest and adaptable teams on the planet will not be a paper weight. They will help decide how this game plays out in the coming weeks.

20 seconds is not that long to score SCs. 100 seconds just with moon rocks can be devastating when you look at teams of 1114’s caliber.

Did 125 concentrate only on super cells?

Hmm… no 2022… Probably because we didn’t put a video of our robot running. Oh how I wish I had recorded some of it… To late now, see you at Chicago.

I thought your ‘preseason rankings’ had more merit (though I was a little critical of that one) because you were ranking teams solely based on reputation. But, now you are comparing apples to oranges; team’s reputations (71, 233…) with videos, pictures and stories (180).

Also, by whoever moved this, also set a precident and by all these rankings and predictions will be moved to ‘chit chat’. I don’t know if Looking Foward will enjoy being pushed into chit chat.

Lets just take this at face value, its a poll that only 7 people filled out… a guess and nothing more. Don’t get all riled up over nothing, but use this as a motivation to show the list wrong.

If you had read the post, it is not myself that is ranking these teams, but seven other people. I will never partake in the voting.

And yet, somehow seven people out of the eleven prompted found the means to submit to me a logical list of who they thought were the top 25 teams in FRC.

Again, I did not rank any teams. Other people did.

Hey, it’s better than the six that voted last time. :rolleyes:

I would argue that this game is SO different then past years that ranking based on reputation alone is not a valid ranking criteria.

While the game is quite different than years past, teams which have good reputations are probably very capable of adapting to the new challenges. But we’ll get a better idea of what will happen in two days. :wink:

good list…although I cant see why “you”(whoever voted) would include a teams reputation in the criteria…i would argue that new teams would stand a better chance of adapting to this game?

I disagree with the precedent set, but from now on, I willl politely put the rankings into the “Chit-chat” forum. Apparently this is Off-topic and belongs with discussions about anime, food, and

For the record, this is the message I sent to the voters…

Each voter will rank who they think are the top 25 teams in FRC. For the post-build season ranking, please rank the teams based on these qualities: past success*, success consistency, and how you think they will do this year based on what you have seen/heard about their robot. When you rank a team, you are casting votes for that team. If you rank a team first, you cast 25 votes for that team. If you rank them second, you cast 24 votes. Votes will be compiled by me and teams will then be ranked in order of most to least votes. Only the top 25 teams will show up in the rankings. Number of votes received will not be shown. The Top 25 will be posted on CD. The voters will not be made known by me, but you can make yourself known if you wish.

It would be great if you could get your top 25 in by the 21st. It MUST be in by the 22nd. There will also be rankings each week after the regionals and a post-season ranking. Each week, ALL TEAMS need to be considered in the ranking, whether they have played yet or not, or have been seen yet or not.

*Success can be a number of things, so allow me to define it. Success is how likely a team is to win an award or match over any other given FRC team. This applies to all awards equally. This does not have to be carefully calculated out by the voter; it is simply subjective.

“Glorified” as in “covered in Championship banners”?

I suspect Tom’s tongue is so far into his cheek that he looks like he is smuggling moon rocks in his mouth.

I’ve seen this argument several times so far this year, and it bugs me every time I read it. The teams that consistently do better do so because they are able to figure out how games will play out and dedicate a lot of time to building their robots/practicing. They are not just experienced at driving on carpet, they are experienced at coming up with clever solutions.

Disagreements, disappointments, and misinterpretations aside, will Looking Forward be making a reappearance this year?

If he does, I’m certainly looking forward to it.

I also agree that an accurate ranking can’t really be done already. Although the teams on that list are all great in their own right, we just don’t know yet.


So far I’ve seen alot of good designs cropping up here on CD, and you can’t forget the hundreds of other teams that havn’t shared anything yet. I think this will be a year of surprises and black horses, and I wouldn’t see the legitimacy of any ranking of the robots until the end of the season.

Folks, if you don’t like that only 7 people submit lists, PM Josh and ask to be included. This includes you, Tom, unless you were indeed tongue-in-cheek (and didn’t submit one).

gorrilla, the rookies don’t know (or didn’t) the system. Vets did. There are exceptions (notably 2775–Greg, I hope you submit a full list next round–and 2753), but the vets have: past experience, a look at the control system long before any rookies (talks started last year), and the knowledge of a successful building method. Rookies have to draw on the experience of local veteran teams.

For the record, I had a list ready before it was requested, based on the released videos and the “complaints” last time. No rookies this time, though I was tempted.