FRC Top 25 Week 2 Poll Open. Closes 3/12 8:00pm EST

Week 2 of the FRC Top 25 community poll is now open. We had some awesome events this week and can’t wait to see who rises to the top!

Voting is here:

Note: ISR 1 and ISR 2 events are eligible for this poll. ISR 3 and AUS Southern Cross will be eligible for week 3 voting.

Thanks to a suggestion, we have also added the top winning alliance of the week. This is an optional and we will use the response rate as an indicator if we do this in future weeks.

Polls close at 8:00pm Eastern on Monday. Check out the results live on Tuesday.
Post below if you want to make your pitch on a team that should be in the FRC Top 25.**

Team 180 SPAM should be heavily in contention for #1.

I just want to say that our alliance (2609,5024,6378) was a gear off from getting 4 rotors spinning in the finals against the #1 alliance (610,1114,5596) with a backup (6378). 1114 should be top 5 with their 20ish kPa auton though.

Yup, awesome robot!

If 2073 isn’t in the Top 5 I’m going to cry.

Too many amazing performances this week, all of my top 10 could be considered number 1

My suggestions (note I’ve only seen 2 districts in Michigan, both won their districts):

33 (probably a week 1 robot) - Very consistent robot, easily scores gears, can pick them off the ground easily (especially in opponents loading zone right next to their tower), and can shoot fuel when they are bored (put up a 30 fuel auto mode on our team, only team in the world to get the fuel bonus in elimination rounds week 1).

2832 (sorry, I Mentor this team) - Fastest gear scorer at the district, can place a gear on the spike and run to get another while the pilot works on it (Jim Zondag (yes of 33) as MC of the district couldn’t stop talking about how fast they were during gear cycles, and even took pictures of them while announcing and watched our auto mode practice in the morning). Mostly consistent climber, but can’t do fuel yet and auto mode needs work.

469 was fairly consistent with gears (slower cycle times), but had a pretty good auto mode for center gear and consistently climbed well. No real fuel handling either. (469 was #1 seed, picked 2832 and 4811, and won the district)

33 is not eligible as they did not compete in week 2.

I would like to nominate 1706.

Besides a both consistent and fast climb and excellent driving, this team participated in 10 40kpa matches at the St. Louis Regional this past weekend. In the majority of those matches they were the sole contributor of fuel. Their autonomous routinely put in at least 20kpa worth of fuel.

You can watch them in the finals here working in tandem with 537 to put up 53kpa worth of fuel.

I believe their proven consistent shooter and auto puts them among the top fuel scoring robots in the world right now.

1678 and 973 had the two best robots at CVR hands down, with 1678 getting 40kpa entirely by themselves, and 973 dominating every match they were in from day 1. If either one of those two robots aren’t #1 this week, for sure they’ll be #1 in week 4 after Sacramento.

Among Michigan teams that did compete in Week 2, I’d like to make a pitch for 2960 Automation Nation, and 2054 Tech Vikes. They spun up 4 rotors against a good playoff alliance in the Indiana St. Joseph district Finals. I think this helps validate 33’s pick of 2960 last week at Southfield – they are the real deal. And of course I don’t know of an alliance captain that has ever had a second thought about picking 2054.

Of all the robots I watched this week, I was most impressed with 987. There were plenty of good robots, but they’re my #1 this week.

Polls are closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We had close to 200 submissions and over 500 different teams voted for!

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I know this is from a week back, but is there anywhere I can find the top 25 list for week 2? doesn’t seem to have it.
This is the link to the result of week 2