FRC Top 25 Week 2 - Region Recap Schedule - Giveaways

FRC Top 25 week 2 voting is NOW OPEN through Monday 4pm US Eastern at Vote for who you thought were the top teams of the week!

Clips of the Week: You can submit at here on the FUN Discord or on the poll by 4pm US Eastern. Please no full match videos or timecodes. Actually clip it out.

Shows this week live at & archived at

Monday: FRC Week 2 Recap/Week 3 Previews
It’s a REV giveaway takeover!
7:00pm ET US Northeast UltraPlanetary 550 Motor Plate Giveaway
7:30pm ET US Southeast NEO 550 Giveaway Giveaway
8:00pm ET US South UltraPlanetary 550 Motor Pinion Giveaway
8:30pm ET US North/Ontario/Quebec UltraPlanetary Cartridge - 4:1, Giveaway
9:00pm ET US West/Alberta/British Columbia - UltraPlanetary Cartridge - 5:1 Giveaway
Mexico is Dark this week.

7:30pm ET FIRST in Michigan Week 2 Recap/Week 3 Previews
Giveaway: Pack of vectored intake wheels from The Thrifty Bot

8:30pm ET FRC Top 25 Week 2
Giveaways: Stealth Wheel Set from AndyMark
T-shirt from Swerve Drive Specialties

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While 148 is the clear #1 this week, anyone who has not seen 2168 in action yet needs to do themselves a favor and check them out. Their shooter is incredibly effective and their climb balancer is so fun to watch.



Awesome job to all teams that competed in week 2!

I’ve updated the Tableau dashboard that plots all the events’ Rankings from TBA for weeks 1 and 2. If you like, this can aid you in selecting what teams to watch film on for your Top 25 voting.

Have fun!


Watch out for Bomb Squad (Team 16), that team is ridiculously scary man.

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Look at me ma, I’m on camera!

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Poll is open for a couple more hours! Get you votes in at FRC Top 25 Week 2 Poll 2020

Visual of shows today/tomorrow. Mexico is dark this week:

Shows this week live at & archived at

Region Recap US Northeast is about to start along with others! Come join us, talk events recaps, FRC Top 10 and Week 3 previews (yes there are some)

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SEweet Tea (SE USA) starting!

Mouth of the South (USA South) starting!

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We the North (North US/Ontario/Quebec) is going on!

Best of the West is starting! (USA West/BC/AB)

Thank you to everyone who tuned-in live last night! Below are the YouTube archives. Catch the InFiMidation Recap at 7:30pm ET and the FRC Top 25 at 8:30pm ET live at

Nor’easter Region Week 2 Recap USA Northeast

SEweet Tea Region Week 2 Recap USA Southeast

Mouth of the South Region Week 2 Recap USA South

We the North Region Week 2 Recap USA North Ontario Quebec

Best of the West Region Week 2 Recap USA West, Alberta, British Columbia

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They were a monster to go up against…thats for sure!


Seconding Dave’s comment on NE Recap, 176 got snubbed hard on NE top 10. Crazy impressive robot from them this year that deserves way more love


About to start the InFiMidation show! Come join us and win some sweet swag!

About to start the FRC Top 25 week 2! Come join us

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