FRC Top 25 Week 4 Polls Are Open!

FRC Fans! Voting for the FRC Top 25 is now open for week 4! Polls close on Monday 8PM EASTERN!

For those looking to vote- make sure to check out 2791. You might not see them at a cursory glance, because they unfortunately lost in semifinals at both their regionals, but they were 5254’s first overall selection this past weekend at Finger Lakes, but they were incredible, and deserve to be on a Top 25 for this week.

Are you guys noticing any strange activity on the site? I clicked to it from google and got a bunch of popups about flash player so I closed it immediately, figuring I had clicked the wrong thing then when I went back to the google results I saw this

If you go to the site it should re-direct you to we have not had time to redirect all url’s over yet.

If you could post what you are seeing specifically or pm me I would appreciate it.

While we trouble shoot the issue here’s a direct to the poll: