FRC Top Gear

I’m thinking someone should develop a “top gear” type of show for FRC.
For those of you who don’t know, Top Gear is a car review show, with lots of British Humor and loads of odd cars. There are a couple different review formats for them, the one I had in mind was the 3 guys each pick a car (or in this case a robot) and showcase them doing challenges such as hill climb and stuff.

We could have 3 teams each have their robot, showcase what they do, and then have challenges based on whatever the game is and then have a scoring system where they find out which one is the best. Although in TG, whenever these type of reviews are done, they are usually done in jest and it ends up being a 3 way tie, and I think that really captures what FIRST is about if this happened, 3 different teams having fun together.

Example for Aerial Assist:
Each show off their robot, listing specs they think are interesting, like “this one has swerve drive for ultimate versatility” or “there are two different deployment methods” or even “I have 47 control loops on mine”.
Then, we have the challenges.
How effective is each one in autonomous?
How effective is each one at throwing over the truss?
How effective is high goal scoring?
How well does it drive?
And it would usually end up with the other 2 teams “sabotaging” their showcase (in jest of course).

I think it would make for good fun if you had the time to film and edit and it would capture the “coopertition” spirit.


I would pay good money to see someone sail an amphibious robot across the English channel. :smiley:

Yeah this could be like off-season stuff! Challenges like this. I absolutely love top gear and I think it could be easily applied to my other favorite thing, FRC.

il be clarckson. Powerrr! everything’s Rubbish


As usual we’ve proven that we’re ambitious, but rubish.