FRC Trailer Breakdown & Future of CD 8:30pm Eastern!

Join First Updates Now tonight starting at 8:30pm Eastern to breakdown the FRC Teaser with wild speculations with incredible long-time FIRSTers!

Roasts and Robots is a community FRC show with host Kristine Atiyeh from FRC125 Nutrons and WordPlayAllDay.

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Mason Markee from FUNalysis, FIRST Champs Live, and past mentor on FRC118 Robonauts
Kristen Chong: Lead CAD and Strategy mentor on FRC2655 The Flying Platypi and Aerospace Product Development Engineer with Analog Devices Inc.
Marshall Massengill: Zebracorn Wrangler from FRC900 The Zebracorns

In addition to the trailer breakdown:
Debate on Improving FRC social communities (CD, Reddit, Discord etc…) This is inspired by the recent CD threads.
FIRST History Trivia Game
2019 season for our guests

You’ve seen the trailer:

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