FRC Update Suite for JAVA Problem

As far as I know I followed the instructions in:

After this update I no longer see the CTRE libraries.
While following CTRE instructions I noticed I don’t have the sub-menu “Manage Vendor Libraries” and I see this note:
if “Manage Vendor Libraries” is missing then you likely are using 2018 Alpha VS. Ensure you are using 2019 Release VSCode from WPI.

Indeed it looks like the update is not successful for some reason but without any error messages I don’t know how to debug.

Other team members didn’t have this problem.
How can I tell which version of WPILIB is running?

How can I rectify this issue or any hints on how to debug this?


If you go into the extensions window in vscode, you can see what version of the wpilib extension is installed. The release is 2019.1.1.

Also, the update suite is only for the DS. Follow the instructions here to run the actual WPILib installer.

Note it will install its own frc specific copy of vscode.

Thanks for the quick response. I thought I only need to update, so I did’;t realize I had to do this step.
The installation completed successfully and I even rebooted Windows to be safe but although I see new FRC tools on the desktop like PathWeaver, I don’t see the new version of VS Code or frccode2019 as detailed in " What’s Installed - Continued".

So I’m not up and running still.

Did you click the button in the installer to download vscode?

It was grey’d out because VS Code was already installed.
Perhaps I should uninstall VS Code first but I thought they were 2 independent software so I didn’t do it.

It was not greyed out because visual studio was already installed. It has to download it’s own copy to use. It doesn’t install into an existing copy. There was that download vscode button to the right of the check box. Click that and download. This is shown on screensteps too.

Yes, I realize this now. Not the clearest instructions overall but I could have done a better at reading them.
Now I see FRC VS Code 2019.
Thanks for the help! - Much appreciated.