FRC USB Webcam Not Working

Alright guys,

Our team is trying to use vision processing for the first time and we are experiencing some problems. We pretty much ripped the example code and integrated it into our code. It was all working fine but recently we keep getting an error that reads:

“Error - 1074360316 IMAQdx enumerate video invalid camera session”
“Error - 1074360311 IMAQdx open Camera not found”

The code also shows no images, I know it isn’t a dashboard issue because I ran the vi alone and still the images would not show on the front panel.

If anyone knows how to fix these errors it would be greatly appreciated, I am at my wits end and desperately need this resolved.

Well, I can see a couple of things that can help:

  • If you use source code control, you could rollback and see which changes you made broke the code
  • You can also check the camera with your laptop and see if it is running fine. You can use NI MAX for that.
  • I understand this happens when using the vision VI, can you create a new project and test it there?

What webcam are you using?

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