FRC use of GitHub campus

I’m a mentor of FRC team 1339, currently working to build out an Intro to Java course for the students. We found GitHub classroom and have been using that to setup our courses and so far that’s been going pretty well.

One hiccup we’ve found is that many of the students don’t have laptops that we can install VSCode on, but they do have Chromebooks and can access and GitHub codespaces. This works great for letting the students edit code in a similar environment that they will face when they start programming the robot and we can have more students in the introductory classroom.

By default, GitHub free accounts can have 60 hours of codespaces usage for free and after that, they’re cut off until the next month. GitHub classroom does have the ability to certify that you’re part of an education environment like a high school, but our team is only affiliated with the high school and several mentors and potentially some of the students do not have a school email or badge . We’d like if we could get certified for GitHub campus so our students can use GitHub codespaces without the risk of getting locked out or needing to potentially get charged for use.

Any information, interested contacts at GitHub, or even just your support would mean a lot here. I posted in GitHub’s community forums as well and even just an upvote there could go a long way.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.


Something we’ve done in the past is to ask the school for formal documents which state we are students in the school. We uploaded these documents to the GitHub Education application and after a few days we were applied.