FRC Video Splitter 3

I’m excited to announce the beta release of FRC Video Splitter 3. This one is quite different from the previous versions.

  • Cross Platform - First and foremost, it’s built it Electron and can now be run on Windows, Linux, and macOS*.
  • Included Video Playback - See the video right in FRC Video Splitter, jump directly to match timestamps, you can even extract the timestamp directly from the video’s current position.
  • Actual UX - I’ve learned a lot of front end development since I published FRC Video Splitter 2 over 5 years ago.
  • Proper Software Architecture - It’s built on Electron and React, which makes the code quite modular and easy to extend, expect more features soon.

*publishing for macOS requires a $99 developer license that I don’t have yet.

Download here.

This is a beta release. If you experience problems, please file a github issue.

Planned Features

  1. Automatically trim long delays between end of match and match results
  2. Add pre-roll images before each match.
  3. Suggest more in the thread!

Thank you Ty for working on this. It’s a huge help.


Video splitter 2 was awesome. Can’t wait to use ver 3 for matches!


You can always just publish an unsigned build - see the electron-builder docs for details. I suspect it’s trying to only build a signed disk image at the moment, but as an example, you could change it to build a zip by adding "mac": {"target": ["zip"]} under the build key in your package.json. Sure, it’ll require some people to work around their Gatekeeper settings, but it’s better than nothing.


Thanks @Ty_Tremblay for your work on this!

I recently split the 2019 SEMA matches (thanks @techplex for digging through archives) with an early version of FRC Video Splitter 3.

Was definitely the easiest splitter (in terms of setup and execution) I’ve used. :100:


Trying 2017 Shenzhen was a breeze. Once i figured out that I wasnt meant to click Next on Step 2 but instead the “Split all” button (which in hindsight was pretty obvious) it was easy to do a section.

Ive hit a couple issues (no FLV support, no way to open a new video, issues opening split videos in the default W10 player) that ill post on the Github soon, but already this is going to be a lifesaver in splitting videos. Thanks a ton Ty!


This is my new favorite thread. Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you as always, Ty!


v0.1.1 is out: Release 0.1.1 · tytremblay/frc-video-splitter-3 · GitHub

  • Added a dark theme (change via View > Theme > Light / Dark)
  • Fixed match ordering for events without any match times on TBA
  • Last match is now included after being selected