FRC Video Splitter 3

I’m excited to announce the beta release of FRC Video Splitter 3. This one is quite different from the previous versions.

  • Cross Platform - First and foremost, it’s built it Electron and can now be run on Windows, Linux, and macOS*.
  • Included Video Playback - See the video right in FRC Video Splitter, jump directly to match timestamps, you can even extract the timestamp directly from the video’s current position.
  • Actual UX - I’ve learned a lot of front end development since I published FRC Video Splitter 2 over 5 years ago.
  • Proper Software Architecture - It’s built on Electron and React, which makes the code quite modular and easy to extend, expect more features soon.

*publishing for macOS requires a $99 developer license that I don’t have yet.

Download here.

This is a beta release. If you experience problems, please file a github issue.

Planned Features

  1. Automatically trim long delays between end of match and match results
  2. Add pre-roll images before each match.
  3. Suggest more in the thread!

Thank you Ty for working on this. It’s a huge help.


Video splitter 2 was awesome. Can’t wait to use ver 3 for matches!


You can always just publish an unsigned build - see the electron-builder docs for details. I suspect it’s trying to only build a signed disk image at the moment, but as an example, you could change it to build a zip by adding "mac": {"target": ["zip"]} under the build key in your package.json. Sure, it’ll require some people to work around their Gatekeeper settings, but it’s better than nothing.


Thanks @Ty_Tremblay for your work on this!

I recently split the 2019 SEMA matches (thanks @techplex for digging through archives) with an early version of FRC Video Splitter 3.

Was definitely the easiest splitter (in terms of setup and execution) I’ve used. :100:


Trying 2017 Shenzhen was a breeze. Once i figured out that I wasnt meant to click Next on Step 2 but instead the “Split all” button (which in hindsight was pretty obvious) it was easy to do a section.

Ive hit a couple issues (no FLV support, no way to open a new video, issues opening split videos in the default W10 player) that ill post on the Github soon, but already this is going to be a lifesaver in splitting videos. Thanks a ton Ty!


This is my new favorite thread. Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you as always, Ty!


v0.1.1 is out: Release 0.1.1 · tytremblay/frc-video-splitter-3 · GitHub

  • Added a dark theme (change via View > Theme > Light / Dark)
  • Fixed match ordering for events without any match times on TBA
  • Last match is now included after being selected

Bumping this to help people find FRC Video Splitter 3 as offseason events continue through the fall.


Totally missed this last year. Been using the older version and/or a crazy ffmpeg command for the past many years. Appreciate you doing this (and appreciate the bump)!

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So I’m trying to use this to split some videos and it pulls up the matches for the event just fine, but after I select the video to open it brings up the video player but won’t actually play anything or allow a time to be selected. Any ideas?

Hmm. Could be a video codec issue. What type of video are file are you using?


Following this line of thinking, I went ahead and converted the video above using VLC to this format (VLC default mp4; for my version of VLC at least):


This time, the video loads, and can be scrubbed through, but the video doesn’t actually display anything in the preview window. After selecting timestamps blindly (using another media player to find the correct times), I moved to the “split” tab and when I attempted to split them, they all hung at 0%…

Upon further investigation, I tried a few other video files I had on my PC and I got one to work that was formatted this way:


That file was able to load and split without any issues. I attempted to duplicate these settings using VLCs converter for the files I’m trying to split, and I thought I came pretty close…


But it appears it wasn’t close enough because while this format does load in the video viewer, when it comes time to split the files, it again hangs at 0%.

Thanks for the deep dive! I’ll have to see if I can make the video / ffmpeg system more robust.

Failing that, I’ll try to make a list of supported formats and codecs.


While you’re at it, one other thing I would suggest is the ability to change the video file without having to re-launch the program. Unless I’m just blind (which is definitely possible), once a video file is selected there doesn’t seem to be any way to change it out for another one (I did try the “open” option in the file menu, but it doesn’t appear do anything).


So apparently, while the initial video format I posted still doesn’t work, I was able to get the ones I converted with VLC later to work… it turns out you have to actually select a folder in the “split” menu (I assumed, incorrectly, it would just default to the source folder if nothing was selected).

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another bug to fix, thanks!

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