FRC Virtual Pits

FRC Community,

Good afternoon! The Robonauts now have a virtual pit and we’d love for you to drop by our pit and visit - our pit will be open every Saturday via Discord at .

We would also encourage your team to create a virtual pit … it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great place to learn, meet others, & share. If your team does create a virtual pit, please post your link here and the NASA Robotics Alliance Project will maintain a list of FRC Virtual Pits at so all of us can “walk” through the pits around the World.

See you in the pits!,
The Robonauts



Darn it, today is Saturday, isn’t it. It’s so hard to keep track of the days in pandemic world. I meant to stop by. Hopefully myself and my team will pop in next weekend!



Good morning! First, THANK YOU for visiting The Robonauts Virtual Pit … it has been very lively and has been great meeting so many of you, sharing, and learning from you. Second, since school is here and our schedules are getting more intense, our Virtual Pit will be open on the FIRST Saturday of Each Month instead of every Saturday.

See You in the Pits,
The Robonauts


Spectrum is going to be hosting a Virtual Pit on the third Saturday of each month. Our first session will be next Saturday, Sep 19th.


The Spectrum Virtual Pit will be opening in a little under an hour. has the details.

Come ask us any questions you have, and learn more about Spectrum.


Here is the recording of our 1st Virtual Pit:

Our next Virtual Pit will be October 17th.


The 2nd Spectrum Virtual Pit is tomorrow from 11am to 1pm Central Time.

Come ask us questions.

About any of our resources like our new training videos - Spectrum FRC Training Curriculum

or our past robots. has the details


We hadn’t been having much success with doing a virtual pit on a different day and platform from 118. After discussing with them we are moving to the same day (tomorrow) and to discord.

To join the Spectrum Virtual Pit Discord follow this link - Discord:

The information has also been updated on

Join both the Robonauts and Spectrum Virtual Pits tomorrow from 11am to 1pm Houston Time


Spectrum is hosting another Virtual Pit Session on Saturday (11 am to 1 pm) - Our virtual pit is now on Discord, so you can chat in text or voice channels.

We’re also open to hosting specific zooms with other teams as well, more information in the blog post -


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