not working

We’re having trouble using the raspberry pi as a vision co processor. We’ve imaged it and everything, but we are not able to connect to frcvision.local/. We’ve tried more than one raspberry pi, changed Ethernet cables, and checked the different power sources. We’ve also tested different browsers. Any suggestions?

Try replacing frcvision.local with the ip address of the raspberry pi

Try running it on a Linux/Mac operating system. For some reason it wasn’t working for us on Windows 10.

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There are tons of threads here on CD already about what the proximate causes could be.

Basically on Window, install iTunes to get the mDNS responder service (Bonjour), or run it on Linux or Mac first to setup the static IP.

After that, you can just use the IP.

We had success using the IP 10.TE.AM.31. Not sure if the same will work for you.

Thank you guys for the help! We got it working.