FRC Vision Processing | Java | Raspberry Pi

I have a rPI with the 2019 image in a sdCard running. I connect the rPI and the RoboRio using the Ethernet ports in each of them and I connect my laptop to the RoboRio by USB.

I’m able to see the camera in frcvision.local and in the ‘default’ dashboard I see the name ‘rPI Camera 0’, which is the name given by the rPI.

The problem is that it only appears a message saying “Connecting to frcvision…” or “Connecting to 192.254…” I cant see any image. Is there any coding or setting I have to check before?

When in your described network configuration, can you open a web browser to “frcvision.local”? Is your computer connected to the rPi and RoboRio using Ethernet/WiFi as well? The computer needs to be in order for it to connect to the rPi; the USB and the Ethernet ports on the roboRio are two separate networks and data won’t be forwarded automatically between them.

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Thanks, it was useful to know that the USB-B and Ethernet don’t share the same network. I’am using D-Link DAP 1522 to connect all to the same network and now I can see the stream…

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