FRC Volunteer needs your help

This may not be an appropriate request here, but a friend and a longtime FIRST participant and volunteer was recently a victim of a devastating fire. Luckily, Rob, his wife, and their pet were able to make it out safe. Unfortunately, basically everything the own is gone.

Rob was on a FIRST team in high school, and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since. He has been an FTAA, Lead Robot Inspector, Announcer, you name it!

A fundraiser has been started to help them find a new place to live, and get the things they need to rebuild. Any donation helps if you are so inclined. If you can’t, and can at least share the link with others, that is appreciated also. Even if you can’t do that, Rob shared some important things he hopes everyone can learn from his tragedy (see below).

To support Rob & Libby:

Here’s what Rob wrote on his Facebook page:
"I love my wife. We survived a fire this Wednesday morning. We were awoken at around 3 am by a smoke alarm. Our hallway was filled with smoke and fire. I ran and got the fire extingisher and put out enough to get out safely. I got out with nothing but my cellphone and wraped in a curtain.

We had just moved in and did not have renters insurance yet. We have lost a mattress, computer and a few odds and ends to actual fire. The real damage is water and smoke. It permiates in everything we might be able to recover. It is a smell that I can’t describe. Most things that are soft will be disposed of. Both are laptops are fried. My desktop (cad workstation). It has brought a clarity to our lives. We don’t need all our stuff, but we need some stuff. Specifically a place to live, a laptop or two and a bed. We would love some help as we rebuild. If you can’t offer us support, please take a moment to read what we have learned.

The smoke alarm saved our life. Make sure you have one in the kitchen, bedrooms and travel path to get out. Check the batteries often.

Have two exit strategies to get out of your bedroom.

Keep a large fire extinguisher easily accessible in the bedroom.

The common ABC style extinguisher chemicals are as bad as the smoke. Stay low, it can impare vision.

Have a fire safe for important documents. (Passports, wedding license, birth certificates etc.)

Keep a phone by the bed and charging if it’s your cellphone.

Buy renters insurance if you are renting.

At the end of the day we are alive safe and have each other. Be kind to each other."

Everything is replaceable except for their lives. Amen, it is good they are OK.

Here’s to hoping the community can help them back on their feet.

Really glad they got out safely.

Keep a large fire extinguisher easily accessible in the bedroom.

Good advice. I’ll be buying another extinguisher today.

Donated. Good luck on your way to recovery.

Colleen you did the right thing to share this information, I heard it on the news but didnt make the connection. I am sending you a PM. Marie