FRC Workshops

Because it’s that time of year and because I’m hearing more and more about people in various parts of the country doing various educational workshops- it would be great to list some of the examples. I’m always looking to gather up the resources. What sessions are you doing? Will your group be sharing the materials afterwards?

The FRC Mentor Resources Library on could use some great examples. And NEMO would be happy to post ppt and outlines.

It’s definitely that time of year :slight_smile: The Robettes were just asked to do the electrical presentation/workshop at the annual Minnesota Splash event in December. Materials from previous years are available on that site, and I’m sure ours will be afterward as well. The Splash covers pretty much every aspect of a FIRST robotics team.

We’re planning on doing at least one and probably 2 or 3 seminars for the new hardware and labview software for this coming year. All of our material, programming examples, and this year’s robot code (ported to 2011 labview) will be available once we have the first seminar. Like last year, you’re probably looking at late November / early December as a time frame.

We’ll ask First-In-Michigan to send out emails with the details to all the Michigan teams.

re: Baltimore Area Alliance Workshop day on Nov. 6 in Maryland.

Team San Diego - 2010 Fall Workshops - Oct 30th

Details can be found here:

The Steel City Robotics Alliance in Pittsburgh put on a workshop day on Saturday (Nov 20). Slides will be posted as the presenters submit them.


Many of the power points posted here:

There were tons of seminars presented at FIRSTFare 2010 in Portland Portland, Oregon October 30th. Most of those are on-line now at

I’m compiling a list of potential topics and interested in any other regions out there doing workshops.

VAFIRST held an FRC Workshop on November 20 at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). An alumni and I held a Pneumatics Seminar there and have the Powerpoint on our Website’s homepage I am not sure if there are additional resources from the other teams that presented on their sites or on the VAFIRST site.

Happy Powerpoint hunting!


I have assembled all these helpful ideas and looking for more! Post your links.

Want to know what workshops were held in 2010?

I have posted a draft -work-in -progress in the white papers. Please add your workshops here and I will add them to the next version.

The Baltimore Area Alliance hosted another year of workshops, by mentors and teams for mentors, teams and parents.
The presentations are/will be posted here on the website:

Thanks Jenny. I’m pulling together a pneumatics workshop for the local kickoff and these presentations will really help.


IndianaFIRST has all of their’s posted here:


December 10th at George Mason High School in Falls Church Virginia

Eric-if you post the presentations, I would be happy to add the links to the NEMO document.

Latest version of list of workshops.
I will be updating so keep posting/sending all those great links.