FRC World Cup Simulation

In honor of the FIFA World Cup, I decided to simulate an FRC competition based on the World Cup in which 32 alliances, representing various regions across the globe, will compete. This will be run using my own simulator, and starting July 1st I will be adding match results daily.

**The regions, and the teams representing them are:
**New Jersey (2590-25-303)
Washington (2471-2046-2910)
Hawaii (359-368-3882)
Florida (179-180-59)
Pennsylvania (225-1640-1218)
Latin America (3478-2283-1772)
Connecticut (195-230-176)
Minnesota (5172-3130-2175)
Arizona (842-1011-2403)
Missouri (1986-1730-1806)
Lake Michigan (2481-7021-1625)
Massachusetts (125-88-5846)
Canada (2056-1114-1241)
Deep South (16-364-4451)
Maryland (1629-836-888)
Europe (4481-3646-5883)
Australia (5985-4613-6579)
Southwest (1619-987-3230)
Michigan (2767-217-4003)
Israel (1577-1574-1690)
Ohio and Indiana (868-1747-379)
Maine (133-5687-4564)
North Carolina (5190-1533-2642)
North Plains (2122-2130-7048)
New York (694-2791-340)
Texas (118-148-3310)
New Hampshire (319-1519-238)
Virginia (1885-384-422)
California (254-1678-1323)
Oregon (1425-4488-2990)
Georgia (4910-2974-1648)
Southeast Asia (4253-6907-6803)

The full, live-updating bracket can be seen here.

Interesting idea. How are you planning on simulating the matches?

What was your process for choosing teams for each region?

Using a Google Sheets simulator I made, and partial OPRs as the input data.

It varied from region to region. In regions where I was more knowledgeable about I chose the teams that I thought were the best 3, In regions that I wasn’t so knowledgeable about I either used district points or teams that performed best at their local events depending on whether or not they were in a district.

1723 FBI made Einsteins (Missouri Team).

Why not include world (half-)champions 27?

They were seeded 37th in their division.

1986 was seeded first, 1806 was seeded second, and 1730 seeded 23rd.

If you’re going to lobby for a team swap for MO, then it should be 1706. Seeded 8th In their division. finalists and won MO state champs with 1806 without dropping a match.

Obviously this is your thing but I was just thinking maybe substiting 379 with 4028 in Ohio. Also I think 5406 should be put in over 1114 but that’s a tossup I guess.

Interested to see where this goes, I love the world cup!

These also remind me of the All-Pro teams most major league sports present at the end of the season. Really cool!

Care to share a copy?

If it was a real competition, in my opinion those are the top 8 alliances:

  1. California (254-1678-1323)
  2. Canada (2056-1114-1241)
  3. Michigan (2767-217-4003)
  4. Washington (2471-2046-2910)
  5. Texas (118-148-3310)
  6. Israel (1577-1574-1690)
  7. Connecticut (195-230-176)
  8. Oregon (1425-4488-2990)

Honestly, besides California, the rest of those rankings are all a toss up.

Michigan was an incredibly tough region to pick due to the extreme competition levels and quantity of teams from there. Other than Stryke Force there were no real obvious choices, I could have chosen 3098, 3707, 3357, 3452, 67, 3538, 27, 2337 or several other teams, I omitted 27 from the final Michigan team due to their lack of dominance at their first two events, ranking 16th and 5th and failing to reach the semi-finals.

Originally I had Indiana and Ohio as separate teams, and 4028 was on the Ohio team, but I had to combine or remove some regions. I did consider putting 5406 in instead of 1114, but didn’t for the sheer reason that they’re SimBotics.

I would love to, after I’m done making it LessUgly™

It seems like several Indiana teams (1024, 1741, etc.) performed better (at least at champs) than 379, including 1741 ranking 34 places better in the same division as 379.

In all honesty, I just wanted to include at least one Ohio team.

4028 was the first overall pick on their championship division and were Subdivision finalists. Personally would have picked them over 379. This is really cool, though. I’m looking forward to seeing that simulator when you post it

This is an awesome idea! For Minnesota I personally would have picked 2052 over 2175. I may be a little bias because I’m a 2052 alumni, but 2052 had won the MN State Championship 3 times, were finalists 2 times, has won the most regionals in Minnesota, and has even made it to Einstein. While 2175 is a very good team, I personally think 2052 would have been a better pick. I’m still looking foward to seeing how the simulation plays out.