FRC125 & FRC503 - Survey Assistance Request

Hey Everyone!!

FRC Team 503 Frog Force and FRC Team 125 NUTRONs are looking to collect information about rookie team sustainability as part of a greater effort to help create better resources for them.

We would like to reach out to 1 to 3 year-old FRC teams with this survey to gain a better understanding of the main challenges they faced during their rookie year, and identify what kinds of support rookie teams are already utilizing.

Ultimately, we are trying to reach out to young teams all across the world, and establish diversity in the areas from which we are gathering information. This will enable us to look at the similarities between different areas, as well as what challenges impact only certain areas.

We would love for the attached Google Form to reach out to as many 1 to 3 year-old teams in your area as possible. I’m specifically requesting help on CD because I know MANY teams here work with younger teams that may not necessarily peruse these forums on a daily basis. I’m hoping you can help us reach out to these teams by forwarding on the survey with the formatted email below.

If you could please pass this on to teams you may have worked with, we would very much appreciate it!

Greetings Teams!

FRC Team 503 Frog Force and FRC Team 125 NUTRONs are looking to collect information about your team’s rookie year experience. Our goal is to get an understanding of what resources worked best for you, what difficulties you experienced and what support you received in order to create a network of resources for rookie teams.

If you could complete THIS SURVEY in the next week, we would very much appreciate it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Thank you so much for your time, best of luck in the upcoming 2018 FRC Power Up season!


FRC 503 Frog Force - Novi, MI
FRC 125 NUTRONs - Boston, MA

Thanks everyone!

In the question “How well is your team supported in these areas?” we are not allowed to answer more than one in the same column - eg. I can’t say that we are 6 (well-supported) in more than one area. I don’t think my team is particularly “NOT well-supported” in any one area. I assume that you’re looking instead for a ranking relative to other aspects of the team?

AH! Thanks for catching that. The intent is to rank however you like for each category irrelevant to the others. Updating the survey now…

Filled out (before I saw the update, so they are ranked not independent).

I’d also like to add that any teams looking to improve the FRC rookie experience should think about joining The Rookie Network as a mentoring team. This is a program that my team helped start to try to help solve some of the problems rookie teams face listed in this survey. If you might be interested, PM me and I can give you the contact info for the person in charge.