FRC125 is cool! And so is 3D Printing! And so is Markforged!

Putting my proud former mentor hat on here for a second…

Check out this video documentary series on FRC125 and their use of Markforged 3D printers for development and final production.

I’m a little biased, but this team rocks.

NUTRONS 125: The Road to FIRST Robotics World Championships | Part 1 of 3


That’s a phenomenal piece of advertising, and a really good profile of the team so far. Honestly looking forward to the next two parts :slight_smile:


It looks like this excellent video was produced by Markforged, not by Nutrons. If so, that’s an amazing sponsorship perk. Well, maybe not as amazing as a Mark Two printer if that’s a sponsored item.


I didnt realize their Build Space was relatively small. Brandon addresses that as a major challenge for them. Space is an important piece of the puzzle towards success in FRC. Bigger space also allows for more equipment to be housed.
That was us from 1999-2009 and we can attest to the challenges it brings besides the Hawaii logistics issues.

Hope they can get a bigger work space in the near future.


The video was made by Markforged, but it’s all about 125. The Markforged studio team found the story and really wanted to present it, not really a sponsorship perk.

They do get some dope perks like access to our entire plastic and metal print farms, which results in some awesome parts like this. And next year maybe some Ultem parts :slight_smile:


This felt like a full length trailer for the FRC 125: The Movie. Super high quality and an excellent piece of collateral I’d be happy to show potential sponsors or individuals interested in getting involved in the program.


Awesome video. Team, robot and footage look great! Looking forward to vids 2 & 3.

Well deserved time in the spotlight for 125.


Those are some nice prints

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Part dos


This is a great series so far. Wish more videos explained FIRST to the public in this way while still paying good homage to those in the program. Well done 125 and Markforged.


The 3rd and final part of the series dropped this morning: NUTRONS 125: The Road to FIRST Robotics World Championships | Part 3 of 3 - YouTube

I wanted to take a quick moment and again state how great an experience this was for our team to work so closely with one of our sponsors on this mini-series. Eric and the doc team at Markforged did a remarkable job of capturing just a small piece of NUTRONs life and it has been really fun to see some of these moments play back.

And another quick thank you to many of the folks who have reached out saying they have enjoyed and appreciated the videos thus far!


Cool idea!

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