FRC125 - The NUTRONs - INERTIA - 2020 Reveal

Nice bot!

Those are also some really cool wheels! How were they made and how did you guys come to the decision to use those wheels this year?

Love me some 3DP herringbone gears.

Any plans to keep the buddy climb?

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Wow is an understatement! I am really excited to one day see it competing in person!

What are those custom wheels? Do you have notes on them as you iterated?

Also not 125 but this is the reason why 177 and 973 both turreted their towers in 2012 and why 177 did the same this year. Shots are easier to make more consistent when there’s less variability at play.


What song is used in the video? Awesome robot too

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@Brandon_Holley and crew, beautiful machine this year with a bunch of details to dive into, will you guys be releasing more details about the subsystems this year? Would love to hear more about those custom wheels and the entire hooper - tower - shooter design. I see additive manufacturing is a huge part of your design process now, its really working for the team.

Congrats to you and the team on another great robot, Brando! Looks super slick. Hopefully we get a chance to compete with each other on the field this year. :wink:

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Brando and team,

Looks awesome as always, just wanted to thank you and your team for all the work you do with the robot and beyond, it’s always been a huge inspiration. I love all of the additive manufacturing pieces on this bot, y’all have taken it to another level yet again. Fingers are cross we get the chance to compete together later this year.


The brand name for wheels like those is Tweel by Michelin, however those sure look like they came from somewhere else. I haven’t found any smaller than riding lawnmower sized. Awesome job, 125!

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Most people: don’t reinvent the wheel


Yup, totally the first time they’ve done this…

@Brandon_Holley what is it with you guys it seems every game ending in 0 you have to do something funky with your wheels…


Thanks everyone. It definitely killed us to not be able to get out on a field and compete, so the warm reception is the next best thing we could ask for.

@Connor_McBride Like was said above, we chose to put the turret in the base for several reasons. First, consistent feed into the shooter is extremely important and something we’ve learned from several shooting bots over the years.

The next real benefit was the ability to move the bulk mass of the shooter as low as possible, something we put a huge emphasis on as a design goal for a tall bot. All the decisions from that point on focused on optimizing that, so the motors and flywheel dropped down below. Even utilizing servos for the hood adjustment factored into the decision. With added flywheel mass, we decided to find the lightest possible physical shooter wheels that were effective, and landed on the AM Stealth wheels as they’re really light, wear well and produced great results.

@troy_dietz We don’t see much reason to remove the buddy, mostly because we haven’t gotten a chance to use it! We envisioned using it strategically in selective matches where we had partners that were willing to work with us and it made sense too (strong emphasis on double climbing with existing climbers first). Additionally we’ve got just about all the functionality we want on the bot and are sitting at ~110lbs, so we don’t need the weight elsewhere (yet).

The wheels. The wheels have been a fairly long project in the making, starting last off-season. We’re still iterating and still working on them (and will be for likely a long time), but they are pretty cool. We started messing with printed wheel stuff for last year’s robot, and the work continued through to the off-season. Based on our observations of last year’s wheels, there was a pretty clear potential for a wheel that acted like a tried and true FRC wheel, but could absorb impacts without the downsides pneumatic wheels present.

We quickly arrived at this type of wheel as the solution, however a massive amount of development went from getting from the general concept to the wheels we are currently riding. They’re 5" diam x 3" width, printed on an HP MJF machine out of PA12. We’ll be sharing more details as the (off)season rolls onward, along with a lot more of our design process with special focus on how we utilize 3D prints.


That’s a nice spot to be sitting at. The vibe I was getting in weeks 1 and 2 was teams regretting the resources and weight dedicated to their buddy climber.

What’s your frame perimeter at? Classically undersized by a bit?


Looks more like post modern undersizing to me.


11/10 reveal, can’t wait to see it on the field

Hey, I was looking at your reveal video, and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about the adjustable hood – How does the upper part constrain itself to the lower part? Also, how do you attach the backing material to the upper portion (I don’t see any standoffs to attach to)?


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