FRC1675 The Ultimate Protection Squad Presents: Sharkbait

FRC1675 The Ultimate Protection Squad is proud to present our 15th creation, SHARKBAIT


  • Custom 6-wheel West Coast Drive
  • 6” Wheels - 2 AndyMark HiGrip, 4 VexPro Omni
  • ⅛” center drop to provide option to go to 6 traction wheels
  • 6-MiniCIM WCP SS Gearboxes Geared to 17.61 ft/s free speed (8.68:1 Ratio)


  • Greyt lift inspired 2-Stage Cascade Lift powered by MiniCIM w/ 16:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox to reach all levels of rocket
  • Elevator tilts forward from starting position to align manipulator at correct height over bumper for human player station and low goals
  • Tilt is actuated using 2x 2” bore, 6” stroke pneumatic cylinders
  • Elevator positively engages with chassis rail when tilted forward to maximize stability
  • Elevator can return to storage position to allow for defense

Hatch-Slinging Slapper: Mk. 1

  • Hook and Loop-based manipulator
  • Pivots to slap hook and loop panel on ground to allow for dropped hatch-panel acquisition
  • 3x 1-1/16” Bore, 2” Stroke Pancake Cylinders to release hatch panel
  • Home and ground pick-up positions controlled by 2x 1-1/16” Bore, 7” Stroke pneumatic cylinders to easily maintain the two critical positions

Hatch-Slinging Slapper: Mk. 2 (Not pictured)

  • Design was updated after issues discovered during Week 0 practice competition
  • Ground-pickup geometry maintained from Mk 1 design
  • Design of pivot supports modified after buckling noticed after limited use of Mk 1 design
  • High grip hook tape replaces standard hook tape to firmly grasp the hatch panels
  • Actuated Hook added to create positive engagement when retrieving hatch panels from human player station
  • Hook sits behind main panel when stored to prevent interference during ground pickup
  • Hook actuated by 2x 9/16” Bore, 2” stroke pneumatic cylinders
  • Front panel tilts up to 20 degrees in either direction using a passive, spring loaded design to assist with small misalignment when placing Hatch Panels

CAD Documents in OnShape:
Full Robot
Elevator, Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 Grippers

Sharkbait will be competing at the Midwest and Wisconsin regionals.

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