FRC190 - Bailing on Jumping and the Overall Creative Design Process

Yesterday, our team came to the tough decision to bail on our jump-to-the-high-bar robot which we have been working on all season. This decision was made as we must focus on trying to qualify and not trying to do something challenging, a break from our way of thinking for the past 31 years.

However, we know others outside our team have been sharing videos of our robot before my kids got a chance to reveal it themselves, so we wanted to put a video out of all the hard work we did on our own terms. We have been able to jump successfully with slight increase in PSI or modification of the cylinders, but doing it legally will take more work than we can put in and try to qualify.

The video walks through all the steps of the testing process, set to an appropriately sad song to mourn its loss :rofl:

FRC190 - Jumper Mourning 2022 - YouTube


If you guys can finish it during the off season that would be cool to see


Wow, this is so cool! And thanks for sharing, even though it didn’t work out! We have a student who thought of a jumping robot, but we just couldn’t pursue it. So glad you could give it a shot and show it off, even if it didn’t work out in the end, at least in time for competition.


That is possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in my entire FIRST career. I really, really hope that you are able to finish it as an off-season project!


OMG! Coolest climb ever!
I guess you ended up with cylinders mechanically prevented from extending more than 25% (to build stored pressure), then releasing the lock?

Yes, they were mechanically locked 2.5" out to build pressure and then the lock is released and they go 2.5" down when released to keep in the bumper rules.


I thought 2481’s climb was the most creative that I have seen so far. Now I have seen this…


That is the most 190 robot idea I have ever seen.


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