FRC190 Presents Pac-Goat

Our 2k14 offering:

We’ll be at Alamo (this week)
WPI District (March 13-14)
Rhode Island District (March 21-22)
FRC Championships (April 24-26)

See you all there!

EDIT: A few specifics:
6wd, 2 cims per side, 14fps, omnis in the back
Pivot run by Van Door motor
BB 775-18 running collector, angled rollers run off center roller by flex drives (seat motor things)
Shooter is pneumatics used as air springs

What? Nothing game breaking???

Are you sure this is 190’s bot??? :eek:


I was kind of hoping for skill crane to be honest.

Super cool claw design!

Word on the street is, this was 190’s original design:

This is the starting and ending configuration. They would open both halves, move under the truss and close both halves, assembling the track. They had actually planned to keep their ball from autonomous and rotate it around the truss for infinite truss points.

This was later deemed illegal in update They then proceeded to build the Pac-Goat starting week 4.