FRC1983 - Visit by the US Secretary of Education

Saw this in the newspaper today.

“U.S. education secretary Arne Duncan lauds, visits Aviation High”

"… Duncan, accompanied by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, got to drive a soccer-playing robot built by Skunkworks, the school’s 40-member robotics team. "

Bob Steele – we’re waiting for photos. :wink:

Very cool accomplishment for a very impressive team.


What a great opportunity! Way to go, Skunkworks!

It was a very nice day. Mr. Duncan and one of our senators Patty Murray…both drove the 2010 robot and talked to the team for about 20 minutes. We then had a forum on the project based them of our school and how it helps students learn how to overcome failure and learn from it.

It was a hot day (we don’t have an air conditioning and it is a very old converted middle school that are in…) but we had a great turnout with about 25 of our team members there and a good number of our mentors represented too!

I will post some pictures later. I found Secretary Duncan to be genuinely interested in our approach and very interested in speaking with the students…

We certainly promoted FIRST and he (of course) was well aware of the program.
We proudly displayed all of our trophies and banners from our four years in competition but more importantly we had several alumni there talking about how FIRST and Aviation High School had changed their lives.

I was very proud of our team.

Thanks for posting this…

Here is a video of the Secretary and the Senator driving our Robot
“Pepe’ le Pew” at our practice field at Aviation.

The fine camerawork was done by Sam Swan (graduated senior!!)

thanks Sam!!