FRC2016 Mighty Monkey Wrenches 2012 Robot Video

New Robot Video!

Note: Bridge crossing arm was removed before bagging and video.

The specs:
6 motor drive - 8wd with 6" wheels geared at 12ft/sec.
2 Fisher Price motors for front roller and belt.
2 RS-775 motors for Shooter w. a 3.75:1 gear ratio.

Max distance on shooter - 45 feet.

This robot will be competing at Hatboro-Horsham, Rutgers and NYC Regional.

Hoping for the MAR championships and St. Louis.

Good luck everyone and see you on the field.

(Btw: If you watch the video, we fixed the bumpers.) :slight_smile:

First! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry, Tyler, it had to be done.

I’m noticing a few trends from previous years:

  1. 6 motor drive train (why the obsession with pushing power? ;))
  2. Blue lights
  3. Awesome

I never saw the hood over your shooter adjust its angle, but it does look like it can. Is this the case?
Also, I’m assuming you are planing to put the bridge pusher back on, or was it removed for something even cooler?

Looks great, good luck this year!

The “hood” is a manually adjustable wedge. We change motor RPM and use a high precision encoder to adjust shooting distance.

Bridge lowering arm is on in the robot picture. It sits within the intake mouth.

How are you tipping the bridge? I don’t really notice any mechanism on it for doing so

It was taken off before bagging and the video for refinement. You can see it in the photo of the robot in the intake opening.


Anyway, another awesome robot, 2016. Can’t wait to compete with you this season!

Awesome looking robot. Simple and extremely effective.

Very curious how you feed the shooter and get the balls to line up so compactly. Care to elaborate?

There is a top feed roller that stops the balls before the shooter. The belts of the elevator just spin against the balls as they stack up against each other.

Read the description, then watch the video again.

Real nice! Should put on quite a show at Hatboro.

See you guys on Saturday! Good luck.

thanks for all the comments…

tyler has answered all the questions so i dont even need to be here. I will just let him virtual coach from WPI also… hahaha.

looking forward to getting it on the field against other bots and seeing its potential.

I will answer the 6 motor question also, we will never give up 6 motors on the drive ever again, that gearbox and train is amazing and takes the need of two speed out of the equation…

Other than that good luck guys…

Nice finished product. It was fun to spend some time with 2016.
Uncle Dave 4061

I’ve never quite understood the whole 6 motor single speed thing. Otherwise though it’s a very clean solid looking robot. Should be quite the contender

heh… if you wanna see more proof of solid drive train, look up 2010 finals match 2 for NJ regional. it is one of the most intense matches I have ever been a part of from a driving standpoint…

also theres nothing better than being able to push a defending robot across the field sideways :slight_smile:

Ah, the legendary ball return penalty of the 2010 NJ Regional ::ouch::

Love the robot and the music.

My question is why do you have the camera if your shooter does not turret. Does it judge distance or alignment or both? Or perhaps something else?

Also I love the 6 motor drive train…got to see what it could do at ramp riot this year and needless to say I think I will push for it next year.

need for the camera is distance and alignment… the camera has some other tricks attached to help make this easier… our turret is our base, it gives us good enough alignment that we dont need a turret, but that alignment is entirely dependant on camera feedback.

Also the distance returned by camera determines shooter speed on a PID loop…

:P… the deserving alliance still won the event, it was great competition though. we really did enjoy playing the underdog role.

You have a beautiful robot but unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news. The GDC has ruled that splitting numbers on bumpers is not legal thus you may not have the “20” on the left and “16” on the right of your gap.


Q. I have 1528 on the back and the two sides of our robot. If I put 15 on the front right bumper and 28 on the front left bumper, then I create our team number 1528. The number would therfore be in only one location (the front). Would this not satisfy the rule of having our number in only 4 location? FRC1528 2012-02-24

A. Per [R35], team numbers must be clearly visible. This means that they may not be inverted, obscured, fragmented, upside down, etc.

I am an LRI and we have discussed this issue at length and have been given no flexability in enforcing this rule. If you actually bagged your robot with split numbers on your robot you need to be preparing yourself to fix it at competition. I am not trying to “call you out”, quite simply your robot is a perfect example of an issue that I fear is going to be more common than the GDC is aware. This is directed toward ALL teams, not just you guys. If you split your team number the GDC has determined it to be illegal and LRIs have been instructed to have teams fix the issue at competition. The GDCs logic is that a ref could quickly look at a robot with split numbers and assign a penalty to the wrong team in “real time”.

I think it stinks but that’s what the GDC has decided so we all have to live with it. Personally, I believe there is a “double standard” in the definition of a Bumper. We are told that a Bumper includes all parts (plywood, pool noodle, and fabric) thus the 8" minimum from the exterior vertex must include the plywood, however, 4 digit teams are also being required to fit a 4" x 3/4" stroke number into the same 8" space that lower numbered teams are and still make it “clearly visable”. My reading of rule R35 says that the numbers must be on the Bumper (which by definition includes the plywood, pool noodles, and fabric) thus the numbers are to be placed only over the sections of the bumpers where the plywood is. LRIs have been told that team numbers can “spill over” into the soft only parts in the corner thus allowing a little more room for spacing the numbers apart. This seems like a “double standard” in the definition of a Bumper and a competitive advantage to lower numbered teams to me.

Back to 2016’s robot: I’m not sure if you bagged with the numbers split as in the photo or all on one side like the video (maybe a practice bot?) but either way you guys have a beautiful machine that looks like it will be quite effective! Great job!

This is from the very first post in this thread.

Yeah, saw that after I posted but like I said I’m not trying to “call them out” . Just pointing to their picture as something a fear a lot of teams might have done that they are going to be required to fix at competition.