FRC2022 Labview Dashboard Source File location?

Dear CD,
I rescaled a slider in the Begin.Vi from 0 to 5 to -1 to +1 to match PWM motor commands for testing. The dashboard retained the 0 to 5 range, so I cannot easily test the motor direction for both ways. A few years ago I believe I was able to update the Dashboard program itself to match. I did not seem to be able to find the Labview Dashboard source file (I did find the executable). Is the Dashboard source file still provided?

You create a Dashboard project from the Getting Started window templates.

When you build that new project it will put your custom Dashboard executable in a directory under LabVIEW Data.The Driver Station then has a selector for where your Dashboard is coming from and one of the choices is “LabVIEW”. That will automatically startup your custom Dashboard.


Thanks again for your help. I created a simple, new FRC Dashboard Project based on your instructions.I found the LabView selection in the FRC Driver Station set up tab and it worked. Thanks again.

Another option is to compile your dashboard and copy the three files created (usually located in the build directory on your desktop) into the default directory at C / program x86 / FRC Dashboard.

A third option is to change the Dashboard Destination Directory to
C:\Program Files (x86)\FRC Dashboard
and it will always go to the Default directory.
Copying into the Dashboard default directory is especially useful if the Driver Station is on a different laptop than the programming laptop.

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