FRC2168 - Aluminum Falcons 2012 Video

FRC2168 is Proud to Present: Aluma Fett aka “Fat Swan”

More information can be found in here in CD-Media. See you all at CT & NYC.

drools over your drive system.

drools over your drive system.

Great job 2168! Love the robot!

You guys were great at scrimmage.

Its the awesomely simple and effective robot we all wish we were smart enough to build.

Best of luck this season.

We’ll miss seeing you guys @ WPI this year.

I love this robot. I predict many nets being cut down in your future :slight_smile:

2168, it was awesome working with you guys at Shakedown. After working with you guys extensively in the 2011 offseason (was that 3 separate events we played in elims together?), it really made me happy to see the looks on all of your faces when we finally pulled off a win.

To everyone competing against 2168 this year: These guys have a lot of heart, a lot of a determination, and a lot of brains to back it all up. Watch out.

The whine of your shooter whispers “victory”… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good AlFal. Lookingg goodd.

– Chris,

Thank you so much, it is humbling and means a lot coming from one of my former mentors. :slight_smile: Simplicity and repeat-ability is something we have been preaching to our kids since we joined the team last season, eventually one can only hope the persistence pays off. Will be rooting for you guys @ WPI, bringing the “better 3/4” of the drive team to film and refine strategies.

All the best to the BobCats this season.

I really love your robot and how similar our strategies are for this game. I look forward to playing with you guys at both of NYC and CT.

Looks sweet!

My favorite part is the ol’ “Robot pushing the fat mentor” test.
I’m pretty sure that I still have a video of Foss being pushed around by another machine…