FRC2826 Wave Robotics 2015 Recap Video

Wave Robotics had its best year yet with five blue banners and eight awards. We are proud to show our 2015 recap video. Please enjoy!

Uncontested master of autonomous, arguably the best robot in the world, and definitely my favorite robot this season. Hopeful that some day 2338 will finally be with you guys Saturday afternoon at Wisconsin again :smiley:

One of the best things to come out of 2015. Fantastic team, fantastic machine!

Depthcharge is one of the most unique robots I have seen. I am so excited to check it out at IRI. Although I am a bit disappointed at the lack of RC tanks in this video.

It was a great experience to see such a great team at worlds! You guys are great can’t wait till next year to see what amazing things you guys will do!

It was awesome seeing this robot up close and personal in the Hopper division. Easily my favorite 2015 robot - congratulations on all your success this year!

This robot is a masterpiece of FRC-level engineering. The mechanisms themselves are simple, yet the system as a whole looks complex because of how much thought obviously went into it. None of it was an afterthought.

This was byfar the best human loading robot in the world that didn’t use a tether. No one else is even close.

Congrats on an amazing 2015 season.


You and your team built an incredible machine this year. The forethought that went into your design process is clearly evident in the end result. I’m sure the community would love to read a paper on this process too, if your team had time. Congratulations on a fantastic season, and on the masterpiece your team built.

I hope to get to spend some time looking up close at Depthcharge at IRI this year.


Your autonomous mode is incredible, guys. Certainly my favorite auto of the year.

Great looking robot and great, friendly team. It was a pleasure talking to some of you while waiting for a funnel cake in the pits at Worlds :smiley:

  • that friendly Canadian guy

Ditto!!! :smiley:

We were so excited to see someone else attempt and succeed at a full point auto mode. We got close on the practice field, but could never quite pull it off in competition. Thanks for putting up the video. We were never able to make it to your pit at CMP to investigate how your mechanisms worked.

You guys are so awesome. My favorite team for sure. Great job reppin the Northwest region this year. And thanks for allowing representation of MN on Einstein by selecting the Daredevils! Rooted for you my rookie year, will be rooting for you always I’m sure. Great season!

Just to clarify, Wave and the Daredevils (and the Wildbots) were chosen by the High Rollers;) And we think they were all awesome partners! We have been fans of Wave for years and appreciated the opportunity to finally play with them in eliminations.

cough cough: scouting data cough cough: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you everyone for the compliments. We look forward to the pro-Wave rule changes at IRI.

Great scouting data for sure, Tyler. As I understand it, our scout lists were almost identical :wink:

This has to be one of my favorite bots of all time, certainly my favorite this year. I love how the design is so unique yet so functional… a marvel of FRC engineering, for sure.

Oh yes I forgot about that. Thanks for the clarification.

I was flat out amazed at your robot this year. Great job wasting no time with cans since they were always with you from the auto and on. The best auto out there. Amazing job to set yourselves up for success in teleop. It was awesome seeing you at worlds. Good luck next year.