FRC3005 Presents: LT Bolt

FRC3005 would like to share a few build photos as well as our first robot as a reformed team. The song references Andrew’s post listing our team as a dark horse as we re-form this year. We’re looking forward to the Dallas Regional and making FIRST loud with you guys!

The Video!](

The Team

This year’s team is a merge between two existing groups, as well as a large number of new students and mentors. FRC3005 of Conrad High School serves an economically disadvantaged population, and has struggled to find mentor support and funding since their founding teacher retired and rookie grants expired. The mentor team (largely from Texas Instruments) has 6 members that have been involved with various FIRST teams, and 10 new mentors that were looking for place to build a team. We’re happy to report a very successful re-charging rimshot of the FRC3005 RoboChargers this year, with full engagement of our 17 amazing students, 16 dedicated mentors, attentive Conrad High School staff, and our generous sponsors.

Robot Design

Our team’s mechanism designs took inspiration from the JVN Build Blitz., while we preferred the drivetrain of Copioli. Our mechanical tooling is limited to a Harbor Freight mill and hand tools, and most of the team needed to be trained, so we knew a simpler and proven mechanical design was important. We thank the Ri3D and BB crews for their inspiration this season.

Our contingent of electrical engineers and student programmers wrung every advantage from our simple mechanical design. We are very proud of our custom OI, which is laser cut and LED backlit, interfaced to a secondary panel of buttons, as well as a foot pedal for the driver. The OI can be quickly remapped as necessary for our two driver preferences. Our joysticks were reworked to remove the X-axis, providing quicker learning for 2 joystick tank drive by our rookie driver. The OI is enabled by the Texas Instruments, Stellaris Launchpad.

The programming/electronics team also added much value, by their sensor integration for hot detection (camera), dry fire protection (IR sensor), automated intake (ultrasonic sensors), and the 2 ball hot auto ability. All auto functions are pushed via a script that can be updated on the fly to adjust for varying conditions (ball inflation, shooter degradation).

Robot Functions

  • 18 foot catapult shots with choochoo cocking/release
  • Primary shot can be taken with intake UP.
  • (Not shown) 7ft high, 7ft long short shot by firing catapult with intake rocked down
  • Combination of wings and flexible plastic sticks for secure ball handling
  • 3 CIM ball shifters geared at ~6fps, 14.5fps, 3.25" Versa DT wheels, 9mm belts, 6 wheel WCD
  • Reverse drive intake for low goal scoring and secure passing
  • 2 ball hot auto, completes both shots in ~4.8 seconds
  • 14 second cycles from inbound, truss pass to HP, and high goal shot

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