FRC3005 Seeking Teacher in Dallas, Texas

FIRST Community,

Working in conjunction with our school leadership, the RoboChargers (FRC3005) are seeking teaching applicants for the 2020-2021+ academic year interested in joining our program in Dallas, Texas.

Since 2014 the team has been supported by a consistent mentor group which has successfully grown the program and expanded it into FTC, FLL, and now Jr. FLL through our feeder pattern. Along the way, both our FRC and FTC teams have achieved increasing success on the field while also strengthening our positive impact off the field on our students and our community. Our overall program’s efforts benefit from the support of our students, industry partners, adult volunteer base, and the great facilities at Emmett J Conrad High School.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Prior experience with FIRST (why we are asking on CD!), with a passion for FIRST principles and mission. Willing to add discretionary effort to grow the program.
  • Teachers certification with >2 years of experience teaching.
  • The most easily filled position would include teaching Engineering Classes – Robotics / Design / Machining, but exceptionally qualified candidates would be considered from other disciplines

Benefits of Conrad/RoboChargers

  • Dallas ISD offers competitive salaries and additional stipends for robotics team coaches
  • We have a supportive district and school administration which believes in the mission of FIRST and provide leadership and funding support
  • Conrad High School has several academic programs including a NAF Academy of Engineering school, and Collegiate Academy attracting a diverse and strong student body from across Dallas. It also has great, updated facilities as one of the newest campuses in DISD, having just been built in 2006.
  • We have direct access to our dedicated robotics build space in a converted 2000 sq. ft classroom for after school robotics programs
    • Including: 2x 3D printers, 4’x8’ CNC Gantry Mill, Manual Lathe, Manual Mill, 3’x4’ Laser Cutter, Wall-Mounted TVs, lots of white boards, great natural light and a significant stock of consumable materials
  • You would be joining a team with existing teacher coaches and a strong mentor base, with ~8 consistent year-round and another 7-8 seasonal, representing 100+ years of combined FIRST experience
  • Established relationships with our core sponsors provide the consistent funding required to compete at a high level while also allowing for investments in our program and facilities.

Interested applicants, please contact us at [email protected] before 5/15. If you have any questions at all, please reach out and we will be happy to discuss with you.

Program Associated Teams:

FRC3005, FTC13537, FTC13539, FTC13542, FTC13552, FTC16985, FTC16987, Mc Shan Elementary FLL Teams, Jack Lowe Elementary FLL Teams

Proudly Sponsored by:

Texas Instruments, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, UTC - Otis, Vickery Meadows Youth Development Foundation, Motorola Solutions Foundation, FIRST in Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission.

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Robochargers run an incredible program to say the least. Best of luck in your search. Please send your rejects our way :wink:


My brother and his family live in Keller and have tried for years to get me to move. If I wasn’t already as committed up here in Denver as I am, this would be a dream job for me to apply to. Y’all are awesome, and it looks like that school is great.


Bumping this post because we are still seeking someone to join our team and fill this position.

UPDATE: No teaching certification required. With the overall shortage of CTE teachers and COVID-19 uncertainties our administration is onboard with applying for a certification waiver for the first year. To qualify for a waiver the candidate should have a BS degree in a related STEM field OR a bachelors degree and a work experience in a related field.

Minimum starting salary is $54,000, and DISD is recognized as having great performance based pay. There is an additional stipend of up to $4,000/year as the robotics team sponsor and for the right candidate additional incentives may be available.

Unfortunately the official job posting is very vanilla, but the Principal and AP over this position have been very clear with us on the priorities for this position being to support STEM/Robotics and I imagine we can have the description updated to reflect that if out candidate is concerned about it.

Interested applicants can PM me or OP for more details, or you can email [email protected].



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Thanks Mack! <3

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