FRC900 Reveal

The Zebracorns have been hard at work - at least in virtual reality ( Since things worked so well in simulation with our gear launcher we’re now moving on to prototypes for 2018 :

We’re particularly proud of the quality mechanical work done by our vision programming team. One of them almost asked for a wrench by the correct name! In any case, as you can see all we need is a game to play and we’re ready to go.

Oh, and don’t be distracted by the LED rings in the background. No reasonably astute observer would confuse what they are attached to with a 2017 robot :wink:

Another clearly mentor built robot. Do you honestly expect me to believe students did that sort of work? I’ve been making wooden camera mounts for nearly half my life now, and I can definitely see the differences between the work of a novice and a master.

Nice try distracting me with those led rings in the background, but it takes more than that to fool a master mount maker such as myself!! :cool:

(Seriously though, can’t wait to see your robot in action)

What kind of click bait

This is an abuse of the word reveal.

sorry not sorry

I had a feeling they would swerve all of us.

And the award for worst reveal this year goes to…

Of course Zebracorns. I’ve been searching for your reveal video for the past week. Or even just a glimpse of your robot. What is this madness?

Ju guis…

Well, you got a blurry glimpse.

needs more drill press b-roll

maybe when 900 actually starts building their robot they will have video of some of that

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I thought this was going to be YUGE, but all I got was a blurry picture.

(psst: this post was supposed to be funny.)


I guess I’ll just have to wait a few more days then…

So was my OP, so we’re in good company :slight_smile:

Y’all are going to be so surprised when we show up with a wooden board with some sensors mounted on it and no robot. Just wait!

After #robotin7hours that wouldn’t even be that big of a surprise

Do I see a Zed 3D camera and a Slamtech scanning lidar? You can call a wrench whatever you want to if you can get those two gadgets working their magic on a FIRST robot. :wink:

Can’t wait to see what tricks you guys have up your sleeves…

Dr. Joe J.

I was more impressed he got the latter through customs.