FRC971 Spartan Robotics 2018 Reveal Video

Team 971 proudly presents our 2018 robot, Curiosity, which will be competing at the San Francisco and Silicon Valley regionals in California. Special thanks to everyone who made this robot possible!

And without further ado, here is a link to our release video:

See you at the competition!

It seems like everyone else built an RC car, and you guys built an actual robot.

The arm is too fun to watch. I have probably spent the last 20 minutes just watching that robot move around.

If it was something I would have expected from 971 then it wouldn’t be a 971 robot. Year after year you all make machines that surprise and inspire me. Good luck this year!

Man, watching that intake actuate into the frame perimeter is glorious. Buttery smooth. Another tally for #TeamArm :stuck_out_tongue:

Most sophisticated robots in FRC these days.

Beautiful work.

Just wait till champs when they have another arm and a torso. :yikes:

Honestly, feel the same. This robot is absolutely fantastic to watch. The controls code behind these “transformer” robots must absolutely exciting to write. 971 never fails to impress!

Is this a mitee bite clamp holding in the arm shaft?

Wow! Such a well thought out and well engineered design again. Watching those intake arms swivel in and out is mesmerizing. It’s a very smart choice to have the (heavy) active intake mounted on the chassis so that the arm only has to lift a relatively light pneumatically operated grabber.

Is this the only design where the arm is offset to one side? The “grabber” for the cubes is still centered so there is no need for the arm to be centered also, as long as all the joints are designed properly.

Oh dear. It looks like Spartan Robotics pulled a Spartan robotics again. Crazy stuff.

Does the buddy climber deploy from under the robot?

Carbon boom?

Is the arm able to overextend outside the 16-inch boundary?

Wow, it looks like the arm adjusts the path of the cable when you do a buddy lift. Amazing robot!

Also, are those CIMs in the back mounted diagonally?

Yes it is, but no it won’t, because of straight up coding wizardry. The code that controls that robot puts entire companies of programmers to shame.

There are 3 technical areas to have total mastery over in FRC(my opinion)

Electrical (see 1538 Holy Cows wiring)
Mechanical (see 254 Cheesy Poofs design integration)
Programming (see 971 Spartans robots never exploding due to a bug in the code)

Something something west coast best coast

Does anyone know what is on the side stalk thing? I think I saw an Axis cam and something else but not sure.

if you look closely you can see that the polycarb and aluminum struts that normally cover the electronics folds out for the double climb.

I am woundering what they use to control their intake. It is amazing.

Team 971, Spartan Robotics, is proud to release our 2018 CAD files. Both STEP files and Native Solidworks files are available for download.

Thank you so much for releasing the native solidworks files, I love that you all do this.