Here’s a snapshot of the number 1 seed at the Silicon Valley Regional

We went 16-0-0 and along with our alliances 148 goals scored



lol, yes, your bot looks very similar to a bot made by the Heroes of Tomorrow…and it seems just as effective. This is scary.

The HoT-BOT is beautiful. Their auton is so scary! However you guys did a really good job your selves!

Great bot. It looks amazing and I’m sure you will have an extremely successful season beyond your regionals.

I love how rapidly it gets balls in the goal. Does it have the ability to go over the bump? Oh, look, 971 scored again…

The hump is no problem.

If you look real close you will see front and aft ball launchers with variable torque software controlled ball magnets. Two speed transmission(high low) connected to 4 hot running CIM’s.

Right under the kicker is the tractor beam.


Great looking robot guys! Congratulations on your regional win @ SVR.

You looked great on the webcast. The robot seems incredibly fast and effective…what ground speed is it geared too?

Good luck in Atlanta, maybe we will get a chance to play together again.

~16 fps high gear, ~6.5 fps low gear

971 is good. Really good.

Looking at their robot, you might be a bit confused… it has a good full width intake, a 3" or so wide kicker that was rarely used, and a solid drive. All the parts to make a good robot this year, but a great robot…? there’s something going on here…

They’re just a great team, they do all the little things right and appear to never give up or say it’s good enough, along with driving (and programing… a current based software clutch on the roller???) the heck out of it.

I’d say good luck to 971 at champs, but they really don’t need it. They will do well.

Members of 971 was at our pit yesterday at the Hawaii regional!
They are here in Hawaii for a band camp.

I’d be really surprised if they weren’t a top 3 seed in their division and even more surprised if they left without a medal.

You (971) do have a really go bot this year. You guys have amazing drivers as demonstrated in the finals at SVR. Team 675 is happy and gracious to have been able to compete against such a great team and alliance. Good luck at Nationals.

We had a great time checking out all the different teams!

It was different going to an event we weren’t competeing in. No stress. (Aside from scouting…:slight_smile: ) We are hoping to come by again tomorrow for elims before our flight back home.

Here’s a video of the final match at SVR.

We have a surprise for Championship.



Sweet Robot. I’d like to see your bot and HOT face off at Atlanta.

Well, we’d rather play with them than against them, but I agree it’d be a heck of a faceoff. Only a few weeks until we find out if 971 and 67 will be playing in the same division again…that match might just come true!