[FRCGameSense] World Championships Special Tonight! (4/21)

It’s time for the Championship baby! After seven weeks of competition, the regular season of Aerial Assist is coming to a close. Four-hundred teams have earned their ways to compete in St. Louis this weekend, and four of them will return home as the 2014 World Champions.

Join GameSense tonight (Monday) at 8PM ET/5PM PT for our Championship special! Just like with our district championship show, we will be bringing four guests to discuss each of the divisions:

Tom Bottiglieri from team 254 representing Curie
Allen Gregory IV from team 3847 for Newton
Clinton Bolinger from team 2337 for Galileo
and Nathan Streeter from team 1519 for Archimedes.

This week, we will be running two, one-hour shows back to back. From 8:00 to 9:00, we will be discussing Archimedes and Curie, then from 9:00 to 10:00, we will be talking about Newton and Galileo. (That’s 5-6pm and 6-7pm respectively, for the west coast folks)

Tune in to see what we and our guests think of this year in retrospect, hear insight on how the game will change at the championship, and see how we all think things will shake down at the big dance!
See you tonight at www.twitch.tv/FRCGameSense](http://www.twitch.tv/FRCGameSense) and www.youtube.com/FRCGameSense](http://www.youtube.com/FRCGameSense)!


Awesome. Can’t wait to watch.

Very excited to be a guest on the show alongside these other great FIRSTers! Really looking forward to tonight!

We’re going live in less than an hour!

4061 is in can not wait

I’ve gotten a lot of great strategical insights into Aerial Assist from GameSense this season. All strategy nerds should tune in!

We are live!


Thanks for tuning in tonight everyone!

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We’ll be uploading Part 1 and Part 2 to Youtube tonight.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live to watch our Champs Special tonight at our non-regular time.

If you missed it, here are the links.
Part 1 - Archimedes and Curie
Part 2 - Galileo and Newton

Check out Francis’ video recap of GameSense’s experience at the NE and PNW DCMP events here.

We will be discussing what happened at Champs on Friday May 2nd at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Please fill out our end of the season survey here.

We hope to see you on the 2nd, and don’t forget to send us your comments, questions, opinions or suggestions!