Hi there,
While I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came across an account, @frcisstrong. I usually follow all FIRST/FRC related accounts I find, so I went through their posts.
The account began a few days ago, soon after the announcement that the season was postponed. They only have two posts (as of March 15th), but the one that caught my attention was their first. The caption read “We have a document all about online competitions…”
My initial thought was, “How’s an online competition gonna work,” so I asked in the account’s dm’s.
According to the person I talked to, they are trying to plan a simulation competition. They want to create something where people can participate without traveling. While they do not have particular details about how this competition will be run, they do have a form in their Instagram Bio for anyone interested in helping out. I have linked it here as well.

I know this season has been more than disappointing for most people, but I think this is a way to at least bring teams together for now. FRCisStrong is going to need a lot of help if they are going to be putting together this online competition, so I encourage all teams, mentors, alumni, students, and anyone else I have not mentioned to fill out this form and help prove that FIRST teams are stronger than the Coronavirus.

The link to the document mentioned in their post is here. It goes through all of the information about what the competition will be, what positions are required, and more.

For clarification, when you say “simulation competition” do you mean computer simulations or something else?

From what I have been told, the simulated competitions will be done through a program like Synthesis. They are currently “working with already established simulators.” They are waiting for an answer as to which program they will be able to use for the competition.

Currently, they are in the process of organizing groups based on who fills out the form in order to get more work done with everything.

Here is their page for anyone interested.

Where is the document they speak of?

Since only one link can be active at a time in Instagram bios, they removed it temporarily. Here’s the link to it. It goes through all of the awards that can be won, and all of the different positions that need to be filled.
I will add a link to the document in the original post as well.

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