FRCLinks down?

Hey, I noticed this evening that appears to be down. It’s really useful, so does anyone know why it’s down right now?

Yeah, I’m transferring my domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap, and there’s an interruption in the DNS coverage. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Should be working again now.

Yay! How tight a transfer window did I manage to hit?

Not that tight. It was probably down for 2-3 hours.

I’m getting a 400 Bad Request error.

Hmm, looks like isn’t working, but is.

Fixed a DNS issue with Didn’t know people used that one since it’s longer to type.

While we’ve got your attention, cane you make /tba/973/2012 go to the 2012 page (and other years…)?

Aaaaaand… deployed.<team> seems to be broken. Use it all the time, but right now its just kicking me to the page. A while ago it changed to linking to FIRSTs new system (which in my mind isnt as good as the old one).

a clean way to access the old pages like this one:

…would be nice too. To get that, I had to go to and fish the team link off that page.

FIRST’s website is broken because going through the what’s going on page doesn’t work either.

Fair enough.

I stand by my view that an frclinks shortcut to the old team pages would still be nice., perhaps?

Pat should theoretically still have the scraper code that used to get those page id’s around, unless FIRSTs changes broke it.

FIRST has fixed the issue, though the URL is different now. I’ve updated frclinks and everything should work as before.