FRCLinks updated

Hey folks,

I recently did a complete rewrite of FRCLinks and fixed all the links that were broken by FIRST’s deprecation of the “lasso” pages. Also, if typing wasn’t already short enough for you, there’s a new domain you can use:

See the homepage for the complete list of shortcuts. If you have an idea for a new one, create an issue or pull request on (If you have no idea what FRCLinks is, take a look at the original announcement thread from nine years ago.)

The new version should be slightly more performant and reliable; it has been migrated off of Google App Engine to a private server. If you have hardcoded links to or in a web page somewhere, don’t worry; they will continue redirecting to the new version indefinitely.

  • Pat

Thanks for your work Pat

I think there’s a bug in the /t/region switch. I want to compare year over year growth in Ontario, but none of these work afaik:
/t/mi (sanity check)

There’s a difference in how FIRST’s new area search works that prompted a change in the FRCLinks interface. Try or, or just to search at the country level.

(There’s also some weirdness in how the FIRST website interprets that URL – if you see strange results or repeated teams at first, try refreshing.)

1869 results!

You’re not kidding. Fixed when I refreshed.

Oddly, the country and province appear to be case sensitive, and the year code doesn’t fit anymore? I can fix it after I arrive at the firstinspires site. I miss getting the results in a table though, which I could paste into a spreadsheet. Maybe I should actually learn the API

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Pat Fairbank again.

Pat, can you make the links shorter?

f.rc thanks

I know you’re kidding, but there is no .rc TLD that I could find. There is a .cl TLD (for Chile), so you could potentially get if you wanted.

But is fine already, if you ask me.